Metal Garages for Sale in Missouri (MO)

Metal garages in Missouri (MO) are delivered and setup for free.

When purchasing Metal garages, Missouri residents have the option to build using many different sizes and styles of 1 car garages, 2 car garages and a metal 3 car garages in MO.

Free delivery and setup on all the different sizes and styles of metal buildings in Missouri.

metal garages missouri

The metal buildings and steel garages in Missouri are built with 14 ga tubing and 29 ga sheeting. Optional thicker 12 ga tubing is available when you buy metal buildings in Missouri, which has a 20-year rust through warranty. Please keep in mind, when purchasing Missouri steel buildings, residents also have the option of shipping to most major cities. When shipping metal buildings, Kansas City and surrounding areas are popular. We have many different varieties of steel building kits for sale to fit many different spaces and additional restrictions.

steel garages missouri

The metal garages in MO are anchored to the ground for free with rebar or to your concrete pad with concrete anchor bolts. Mobile home anchors are also available. The steel buildings and steel garage kits for sale come with center braces. Fully braced with braces on both sides of the garage is another option.

When buying online from Alan's Factory Outlet, metal buildings in Missouri are all built on site and finished within the same day the installation crew arrives to setup your metal building. We offer a wide service area, including the availability of steel buildings Kansas City, Saint Louis, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, Jefferson City and Lee's Summit.

Certified Missouri metal garages are also another option. What "certified" means is that blue print drawings are faxed to your local building inspector as some locations require blue print drawings and others don't. This also means your metal garage is rated for 130 mph wind and 30 psf snow load. The certified package for steel building kits for sale also makes your garage fully braced and comes with mobile home anchors or additional concrete anchor bolts to give it the 130 mph wind rating. There is one other additional cost that needs to be done if you need to order a Missouri steel buildings or metal garage certified and that consists of adding additional tubing on both the front and back ends.

metal garages mo steel garage missouri

If you don't need a fully enclosed metal garage, Missouri steel buildings and carports are also delivered and setup for free. You could also get a carport and partially close it by either closing the sides or the sides and back end. Carports and garages can be built with taller legs up to 12' tall legs for an RV carport or fully enclosed RV metal garage.

Metal Garage Missouri Sizes

    12', 18', 20', 22' and 24' Wide
    21', 26', 31', 36', 41', 46', 51' Long

Missouri metal garages and many popular steel buildings, Kansas City residents will appreciate come in three different roof styles called regular style, boxed eave style and vertical style. You also get your choice of 13 different colors on your metal building.
Metal Garages Missouri Prices

   Metal Garages Missouri Prices