Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle

Storage sheds are commonly used to keep items such as lawn mowers, garden supplies, and other items when not in use. Creative people have even been known to turn their sheds into craft areas, home offices, or spaces for gardening. Motorcycle storage is yet another smart way to utilize a storage shed from Alan's Factory Outlet. Whether you ride your motorcycle daily, are a weekend rider, or only take it out for a spin on rare occasions, you'll want to store your bike someplace safe and reliably sturdy. Here on our website, you'll find numerous types of sheds, including our prefab sheds and shed kits, for sale. From our selection, you are certain to find the right motorcycle storage shed that will meet your needs.

Naturally, a good reason to purchase a motorcycle shed is that it is useful for the day-to-day storage of your bike. Keeping a motorcycle inside of a locked shed overnight or for several days will not only keep it clean, but it will also help keep it safe from theft and from the elements. A shed is particularly useful when there is very limited space for a motorcycle in a home's attached garage. Another very important reason why people use motorcycle sheds is to store their motorcycles during harsh winter weather conditions, particularly in areas that receive an abundance of ice and snow. The winter storage of a motorcycle typically lasts several months and requires a shed that can keep the bike dry and safe. Proper storage is important to ensure that the motorcycle will run properly when it is driven again.

There are several important tips to follow before safely locking your motorcycle up in your motorcycle shed for several months. Two of these tips involve checking and caring for the gas and oil. A motorcycle's oil will become dirty and contaminated over several months and can become corrosive. To help prevent this from happening, the American Motorcyclist Association recommends changing the motorcycle's oil right before storing it away for the winter. Gas can also become a problem and may begin to break down. To remedy this, add a fuel stabilizer to the topped-off tank before storing it for the winter. Another important storage tip involves keeping the bike's battery alive over the winter. An ideal way to accomplish this is to attach the battery to a battery minder, which will keep the battery charged without overcharging it.

Although motorcycle storage sheds will keep people's motorcycles dry and safe from the elements, they likely won't be able to keep them entirely dirt- and dust-free over the months. To keep dirt and dust buildup off of your motorcycle's paint job, clean and wax it before putting it in storage. You will also want to keep the bike covered using a breathable cloth that is made for motorcycles. Avoid using a plastic covering, as it can cause corrosion by trapping moisture. To prevent flat spots from forming on the tires, store the motorcycle so that the tires are not touching the shed's floor, or put it on the center stand and rotate the inflated tires frequently.

When you are ready to buy a shed for your motorcycle storage needs, you'll find the best selection of storage sheds online right here on our website. We have wood and vinyl outdoor sheds, as well as one-story and two-story sheds. Our vinyl sheds even come with the option of a metal roof. Whether you are looking for a place to store your motorcycle only or you want some extra space, you'll find that Alan's Factory Outlet has what you are looking for. Contact us and place your order today!