Outdoor Pavilion Buying Guide

If you decide to purchase an outdoor pavilion, you have some important details to consider. For one, you need to make sure that the pavilion you buy suits the dimensions of your property. The structure should enhance the look of a garden or courtyard without overwhelming the area. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we want you to end up with the pavilion you’ve always envisioned for your property. Here are a few basic things to consider before buying one.


Choosing a Location

One of the first things to do before browsing our selection of outdoor pavilions for sale is to decide where you want to put the structure. For instance, you may want to put your new pavilion in the garden. It makes for a great place to relax and look at the flowers blooming all around you! A pavilion also looks appealing near a swimming pool. Friends and family can sit and watch the swimmers while staying out of the sun. Most people like to put their pavilion in a place where there is a lot of interesting scenery all around them.

The Size of the Pavilion

Once you’ve decided where to put the pavilion, you can consider the available sizes. We have a selection of outdoor pavilion structures in a variety of sizes so you can easily find one that is suitable for your property. You may want an 8-by-10-foot pavilion that complements the look of your intimate rose garden. Alternatively, you may be looking for a 12-by-20-foot pavilion that looks perfect next to your outdoor swimming pool. Choosing the right size of pavilion is just as important as deciding where to put it on your property.

Selecting a Design and Color

Our outdoor pavilions come in a variety of designs that can add appeal to your property. We have oval pavilions for sale as well as structures that are octagonal or rectangular. In addition, we have outdoor pavilion kits that feature a single or double roof design. This design is available for either a wood or vinyl pavilion. When it comes to the pavilions at Alan’s Factory Outlet, there is no one-size-fits-all option!

We have vinyl outdoor pavilions available in prefab kit form. You can choose the color of the shingles on your pavilion. We understand that many of our customers have a vision of how they want their pavilion to look on their property: For example, you may want a pavilion with a roof that matches the color of an outdoor shed or even a barn on your property. By carefully selecting the color of the roof’s shingles or the color of the pavilion itself, you can bring visual harmony to an area.

How Much Does a Pavilion Cost?

A pavilion from Alan’s Factory Outlet will cost somewhere between $2,500 and $3,700 depending on the dimensions and style. You can learn more from our price chart.

Outdoor Gazebo Kits Prices

*Prices subject to change without notice

Size Single Roof Wood Gazebo Double Roof Wood Gazebo Single Roof Vinyl Gazebo Double Roof Vinyl Gazebo
8 $3824 $4038 $4940 $5001
10 4641 5147 5328 5860
12 5398 5955 6823 7391
14 7003 7278 8465 8850
8x10 4821 5015 6058 6178
8x12 5328 5603 6720 6892
8x14 5620 6188 7288 7553
10x12 5749 6188 6643 7468
10x14 6273 6780 7322 8190
10x16 6806 7399 8004 8911
10x18 7459 8078 8766 9659
10x20 7956 8697 9427 10372
10x22 8225 9350 10337 11275
12x14 6659 7047 8172 8817
12x16 7219 7347 8911 9607
12x18 7803 8327 9625 10381
12x20 8412 9049 10438 11215
12x22 8980 9694 11138 12090
12x24 9650 10398 12066 12942
12x26 10038 10871 12537 13475
12x28 10423 11334 13028 14007
12x30 10802 11807 13558 14541
12x32 11206 12288 14128 15115
14x16 8069 8430 9838 10363
14x18 8663 9195 10596 11223
14x20 9340 9994 11447 12125
14x22 9977 10784 12185 12968
14x24 10647 11593 13190 13801
14x26 11173 12194 13798 14446
14x28 11747 12796 14345 14996
14x30 12409 13388 14893 15554
14x32 13072 13991 15448 16104
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Deciding Between a Pavilion Kit or a Fully Assembled Structure

In our online selection, we have outdoor pavilion kits as well as fully assembled structures. If you love DIY projects, then you may want to purchase a kit so you can have the pleasure of setting up your own pavilion. A kit will arrive on your property with all of the pre-cut pieces and hardware you need to make the project a successful one. You can tell your neighbors that you were the one to put the pavilion together piece by piece!

If you aren’t a DIY person, you may want to buy a fully assembled pavilion and have it delivered to your property. This way, you are ready to use it the moment the structure is put on the ground. You can start planting flowers around your pavilion or move your comfy chairs and even a small sofa inside it. Your pavilion arrives ready to enjoy!

Whether you want to use the structure for a wedding ceremony or just want a comfortable place to relax outdoors, a pavilion is a practical and decorative item that enhances a piece of property.