Pergola Kits Price List and Cost Details

A pergola makes a great addition to any yard or outdoor space. They provide beauty, shelter, shade, and serve as a great place to gather together to enjoy time outdoors. You can find our pergola kit prices here, which will give you the basic pricing for various sizes of pergolas.

Note that pergola delivery is only available in Virginia. Shipping in these two states is free.

What Does a Pergola Do and What is it Used For?

A pergola is a structure found outdoors, most commonly in gardens and on lawns, that shades the area with a series of vertical posts or pillars that support a lattice or cross-beams. Some people choose to grow plants that will vine up and over a pergola, while others use a pergola for shade and might place a table and chairs or a fountain beneath one.

How Much Does a Pergola Cost?

Pergola kit prices vary depending on the options you choose, starting at $1,744 for a basic 8-by-8-foot wood pergola. Extra charges will be added to the pergola cost for larger structures or for options such as clear wood finish or a privacy lattice on top.

What is the Best Pergola Material?

Most consider these four options to be the best pergola materials:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Brick or Stone

The wood pergolas featured here are durable enough to hold up to many different climates and weather extremes, and they also make an attractive addition to your yard.

Wood Pergola Kit Prices

Please note that wooden pergola prices are subject to change without notice due to factors beyond our control.

Wood Pergola Kit Sizes Wood Pergola Kit Prices Clear Wood Finish Privacy Lattice on Top of Wood Pergola Kit
8x8 $1,744 $186 $297
8x10 $1,804 $212 $446
8x12 $1,838 $236 $463
8x14 $1,925 $262 $481
10x10 $1,881 $200 $371
10x12 $2,063 $224 $455
10x14 $2,140 $250 $520
10x16 $2,500 $274 $641
10x18 $2,595 $300 $668
10x20 $2,716 $356 $710
12x12 $2,140 $224 $594
12x14 $2,311 $262 $616
12x16 $2,709 $286 $668
12x18 $2,819 $312 $743
12x20 $2,904 $336 $891
14x14 $2,372 $262 $594
14x16 $2,767 $312 $668
14x18 $3,385 $336 $743
14x20 $3,488 $362 $891
14x22 $3,729 $386 $911
14x24 $3,832 $412 $965
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When planning the size of your pergola, remember that the post-to-post dimensions of wood pergola kits will be 3 inches less than the size listed. For example, for a 10-by-16-foot wood pergola kit, the post-to-post dimensions will be 9 feet 9 inches by 15 feet 9 inches. There is also a 12-inch overhang on all sides, so if you want to figure out the roof overhang, add 2 feet to that post-to-post measurement. For a 10-by-16-foot wood pergola kit, then, the total width of the roof of the pergola is 11 feet 9 inches by 17 feet 9 inches.

Adding Pergola Materials: Cost Considerations

Privacy lattice: Pergola materials
 Privacy lattice on top of wood pergola kit

When buying a pergola kit, you have the option of adding a clear wood finish or privacy lattice to the roof. Either of these options will increase the cost of pergolas. Clear wood finish adds $186 to $412 to the kit, and privacy lattice adds $297 to $965 per kit. Adding a clear wood finish will help to make your pergola shine and protect it from the elements, adding years of life to it. You can also choose from two lattice types. The first lattice is the traditional, standard lattice, with a bit wider spacing between each piece of wood. The privacy lattice option is a lot more densely spaced and provides both shade and extra privacy.

Easy Installation

When you purchase a pressure-treated pine wood pergola kit from us, the cost of a pergola includes all of the necessary hardware for an easy installation process. The wood has been pressure-treated and is already cut to specific sizes and shapes needed to easily put your new pergola together. You can install the pergola wherever you like in your back or front yard, as an addition to a deck, or even as a garden trellis to support your outside plants.

Since they're so easy to put together, you'll have a wonderful addition to your yard in no time at all, and family and friends will love to gather together to eat, socialize, and relax outside under your new pergola. No matter which size you choose, a wood pergola can make a dramatic and gorgeous difference for any outside living area that will provide many years of enjoyment.

Great Pergola Pricing and Service

At Alan's Factory Outlet, we make it easy to purchase a new pergola online, from offering competitive pergola pricing to being here for you online or by phone to help you order the perfect structure for your yard. Our pergola prices are the best around, but you won't get cut-rate service: Feel free to contact us any time with questions or if you need help deciding on the right options for your needs. Then, you'll be ready to place your order, and in no time, you'll be outside relaxing under your new pergola.