Portable Storage Buildings for Sale in Arkansas


Alan's Factory Outlet has a number of buildings available with free delivery to residents of Arkansas. If you are considering expanding the storage that you have available on your property you may want to consider one of our portable buildings. Arkansas residents can order sheds or other buildings that can be moved around your property as your needs change. If you are a farmer or own an extensive property, you may want to buy a building that offers you more flexibility so that you can move it. We offer a number of different styles of storage buildings. Arkansas residents can see the economic benefits of owning a storage building, because it can increase your property value and allows you to safely store equipment that you need.

Sheds for Sale

Storage buildings in Arkansas can be used to store recreational equipment or gardening equipment. If you have a large property, then you may want to choose portable buildings. Arkansas customers can choose from a variety of shed kits or prefab sheds that will be delivered directly to your property. You can customize several features of our different storage buildings. Arkansas customers can choose between the different roof options, doors, and colors of each of the sheds available. This gives you the option to choose a building that will go well with the other buildings on your property.

There are number of different ordering options for storage buildings in Arkansas. You need to carefully plan the size of shed that you need. It can help you to know exactly what you are planning on using the building for, as this will help you order the correct size and make it easier to organize your shed. If you plan to use it primarily as extra storage for home items, you will want a different design than you would if it is going to be a workshop or a garden shed. Planning the space you need in your garden shed can allow you to create a space that makes it easy to manage all aspects of your gardening at home.

When you are ready to purchase a building or if you have any questions, please call us. We can answer any questions you have about delivery or the different construction options. We offer wooden, vinyl and metal building options. You can browse our site to see pictures of different styles of buildings. We can help you find the portable building option that you need.

Other Buildings Available

You can find a variety of gazebo kits available for you to use in your garden at Alan's Factory Outlet. Gazebos can be portable, and our prefab gazebo kits are easy to assemble. You can usually complete the entire process in just one day, but you will need two people working together to complete the process. The gazebos come in either pressure treated wood or vinyl. They are Amish built, and handcrafted with care. Another option is to choose one of the pergolas that we have for sale. The pergolas can offer shade in your garden or near your pool. This is a great addition to any yard.

At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have been serving customers for over ten years. In addition to our portable storage buildings, we do offer more permanent structures. You may want to learn more about the garages, two-story buildings and horse barns we have for sale. We can answer any questions you have before you make your purchase, and explain the delivery process. Take the time to review the different building options we offer and then contact us to order your perfect building today.