Prefabricated Pool Houses for Residential and Commercial Use


Prefab pool houses can have a huge effect on the look and feel of your property. Whether you intend to build a cabana in your backyard or set up one as part of your business, we have pool cabanas for sale that can overhaul your space and make it more versatile. Look to these structures to add extra pizzazz and recreational opportunities to your pool area. If you’re an entrepreneur, invest in them for the added security of your customers and belongings. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, our wide variety of pool house sheds for sale makes choosing a great cabana as easy as the dog paddle!

What Is a Pool House?

A pool shed is a structure near a swimming pool that exists to make using the pool more convenient.

What Is a Pool House Used For?

A pre-built pool house is typically used for storage, as an outdoor living space, or as a changing room.

Swimming equipment such as snorkels, inflatable rafts, and life preservers can be kept inside of a pool house for easy access. Storing safety equipment in a cabana can significantly lower the potential for accidents in or around the water. Pool houses also offer a set location where swimming equipment can be dried off and cleaned before it’s stored away, preventing mud or chlorine stains inside the home.

A modular pool house can also be the perfect space to host outdoor get-togethers and parties. For hosts interested in spicing up their social lives, throwing a soiree in a pool house can be a fun way to mix things up. When you add a mini-refrigerator, an island, and stools, the area can even act as an ad hoc bar. These structures can be fun complements to swimming pools: Sheds for sale here are available in eye-catching styles and can be decorated with bamboo, strings of lights, and tropical plants for a festive atmosphere.

For commercial properties, a modular pool house can be the perfect complement to a pool. As a free-standing structure, it can function as a changing room, which can afford members privacy while they get ready to take a dip. It can even help provide a safety barrier if positioned correctly. Cleaning equipment can be kept within the pool house to make it easy for groundskeepers to perform their duties without having to re-enter a main building. Using a pool house for this specific purpose can increase a property’s overall security.

As an added benefit, our pool house sheds for sale may add value to residential and commercial properties. If you live in an area that experiences hot temperatures, you can get buyers to warm up to the idea of purchasing your property by investing in this simple addition. Prefabricated pool houses come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, so you can choose what best matches the aesthetic of your house or pool area. And our prefab pool houses are especially attractive to buyers who might want to convert the structure into a studio, workplace, or greenhouse. Versatility is one of the major selling points of pool houses: Cabanas appeal to a large sector of the marketplace for that reason.

You can even use one of our pool house kits to create a guest house for visitors, whether that’s friends and family or rental tenants. Extended stays are a snap with our pool houses, as they’re built to last and accommodate a variety of individual needs.

What Is the Average Cost of a Pool House?

The cost of a pool cabana can vary widely depending on the style, materials, and size you choose, but our smallest structures start at $1,269. Give us a call and we’d be glad to help you figure out how much your ideal pool shed will cost.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have pool houses for sale that are sure to add enjoyment to your recreational time and value to your property. Browse online to see the wide range of pool house kits and prefab structures you can purchase for your property, or contact us for suggestions on which pool shed would best meet your needs. We’re here to help!