Ramps for Storage Sheds

Ramps can be an important part of a shed’s design. For some, they play an integral role in moving safely between the interior and exterior of a structure. Their presence often acts as an insurance policy against accidental damage to personal belongings and bodily injury, as they provide a sturdy surface for graduated decline or incline. They can also make mobility easier for people with physical disabilities. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we realize how a ramp can make all the difference in the enjoyment and practical use of your shed — that’s why we offer them as optional additions to our prefab structures.

Building a ramp from scratch can be a costly and labor-intensive project. It also comes with a fair number of other potential drawbacks. All materials for a ramp must be chosen wisely, and construction processes must be followed specifically to create a sturdy ramp that will not collapse, bend, or break while in use. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we’ve done the hard work for you. Our ramps for sheds typically come as optional extras that you can add on to your order when you buy one of our prefab structures meant for recreation or storage. Building ramps can seem straightforward at first blush, but finding a pre-made one to purchase while shopping for a shed can save you a great deal of time, frustration, and money.

Storage shed ramps provide numerous advantages for owners of these outside structures. It can be easier for large equipment to be stored and removed from sheds when a ramp is present to facilitate their maneuvering. This can be especially beneficial to shed owners who own expensive equipment with low-hanging and intricate mechanical parts. Many new ramp owners mistakenly believe that higher slopes can make removing items from a structure a less-strenuous task. Steep slopes, however, can present significant safety threats, as movers can accidentally lose control of their items and have them careen down sharp angles at high speeds. Bodily injury can also occur as shed owners attempt to push heavy objects up very high ramps.

While you’ll get to choose what length you prefer your storage shed ramp to be, determining the precise and appropriate length for your ramp should be one of your highest priorities to ensure safety and ease of use. Generally, ramps for sheds with slopes of 30 degrees can help you safely move objects in and out of a structure. Larger items should be pushed along ramps with slopes of 20 degrees or lower. A rule of thumb for selecting storage shed ramps revolves around ratios and inches: Every inch of rise should be compensated for with eight inches of ramp. This 1:8 ratio can be navigated by most people with ease.

If you or someone you know has a disability and you intend to use your shed for recreation or as a work space, consider making the appropriate allowances for accessibility and wheelchair entry. The Americans with Disabilities Guidelines suggest very specific ratios to make entries and exits from structures safe for those with physical impairments. Slope ratios between rises and ramps should typically fall between 1:16 to 1:20. In addition, other specifications, like a ramp width of at least 36 inches and length of 60 inches, can sufficiently accommodate those with mobility challenges.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have great shed ramps for sale that can make personal and equipment movement safe and easy. Browse our online store to view our wide array of structures for sale, and add a ramp while checking out to save time, money, and energy. Contact us today for suggestions on which ramp can work best for your particular needs.