Buy an Amish-Built Lean-To Horse Shelter

An unpainted horse run-in shed in a winter landscape

It’s simple to provide a top-quality shelter for your horse with one of our loafing shed kits for sale. As a horse owner, you understand the need for a good horse shed that can house your animals and provide additional storage for all of the items you use to take good care of your equine friends. Whether you are looking for horse shelters for sale near you because you have many horses to shelter or just a few, you’ve come to the right place: Our loafing sheds are customizable, so you can get the perfect run-in shed for your specific needs.

What Is a Run-In Shed?

Run-in sheds, also called lean-to shelters, are three-sided buildings that allow a horse to take shelter from the wind, snow, and sun while they’re out to pasture. They’re also known as loafing sheds because they make a nice shelter for horses to relax and loaf under.

Customers who need run-in sheds for horses have turned to us for years because we can meet all of their needs: Our loafing sheds for horses are known for their quality, and all of our prefab horse run-in sheds are delivered fully assembled, which means that you can start using these horse sheds immediately upon delivery. In addition, all of the prefab horse run-in sheds we carry are portable, so if you need to move your three-sided shed, you won’t have any trouble. This ability is useful during the changing seasons, as you might want to face the structure away from the wind or the heat of the sun. Consider the angle of the sun and the direction of the wind so you can choose the best placement when setting up three-sided shed kits or prefab structures.

Run in Sheds, Horse Run in Shed







12x16 run in shed horse shelter with 8' tack room

Horse Lean-To Features

Each portable run-in horse shelter includes the following standard features:

  • Your choice of a metal roof or 30-year shingles on all loafing sheds for sale
  • Four-corner tow hooks in case you need to move our prefab horse run-in sheds to another site
  • Option to add a horse stall to any of our loafing sheds for horses
  • A variety of different stain and roof color choices
  • Optional tack rooms and/or feed rooms for any horse run-in shed
  • Four-foot-high oak kick boards

Although they are typically used for horses, run-in sheds can be fine shelters for just about any other animal you can think of, too. Our loafing shed kits are suitable to house any pets or livestock that may need relief from the sun, rain, and cold. Some people have also turned a portable loafing shed into a shelter for their tractor or a place to store wood and keep it dry. Our three-sided storage sheds may be designed with livestock in mind, but they’re definitely multi-purpose buildings!

A large unpainted horse shelter built from one of our extended loafing shed kits








Horse Run in Sheds Metal Roof Color and Optional Stain Colors

A brown loafing shed built from one of our three-sided shed kits houses a green lawnmower

Delivery Options Make Our Run-In Sheds Even Better

If you’re searching for “horse shelters for sale near me,” you need look no further: We deliver our Amish-made horse stable kits for sale to all Virginia residents, providing fast, professional setup of a high-quality prefab horse shelter or kit. Better yet, we offer free delivery to 30 local counties in VA on all of our horse run-in sheds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Horses Live Outside?

Horses are hardy animals that can live outside all year long. In fact, horses thrive on being kept outside as much as possible so they can interact with other horses and have the freedom to graze whenever they want. But it’s still important to provide a shelter where they can seek protection from the elements when needed.

What Is a Turn-Out Shed?

Turn-out sheds are similar to a loafing shed or a run-in horse shelter; they provide shelter from the elements for animals, especially pastured horses, and can be used for extra storage.

What Is a Loafing Shed for Horses?

A horse loafing shed is a building designed to house horses and other animals as well as provide protection from the elements. Loafing sheds can also act as a storage building for your supplies.

What Kind of Shelter Do Horses Need?

Horses don’t require elaborate structures, since they like to be outdoors much of the time, but they should have a horse shelter with at least three sides and a roof where they can come in out of the weather.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Run-In Shed for Horses?

The costs of horse buildings vary greatly, ranging from $1,722 to $10,196. The prices of our horse stable kits for sale are dependent on the size and features you’re looking for. To get a more exact estimate for your order, you can take a look at our price chart or contact us for help with a quote.

Which Direction Should a Run-In Shed Face?

When assembling our three-sided shed kits, you should plan for the structure to face away from the direction your weather usually comes from. The shed should also be angled in a way that provides shade from the noontime sun. Whether that direction is north, south, east, or west depends entirely on where you live and what your weather is typically like.

How Big Should a Run-In Shed Be for Two Horses?

A run-in shed for two horses should be a minimum of 12 by 24 feet. All of our horse loafing shed kits are designed with horse comfort in mind, but you should be sure to consider how many horses you have as well as their size to make sure that you choose a shed that’s comfortable for them.

How Big Should a Run-In Shed Be for Three Horses?

Two horses that get along well can manage in a 12-by-24-foot loafing shed, but ideally, you should opt for a 12-by-36-foot shed to ensure adequate space.

How Tall Should a Run-In Shed Be?

A run-in shed should be at least six feet tall. For horse safety, you want to make sure they won’t hit their head on the ceiling or doorway threshold. Give your horse an extra three feet of space from the top of their head to the ceiling so they avoid feeling cramped or hitting their head if they jump or startle. Our loafing shed kits for sale come in a wide range of sizes, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your horse in our stock.