Wood Storage Shed Kits in Virginia

storage shed kitsWhen will I need to get a Wood Storage Shed Kit and not a fully assembled Shed?

You will need a storage shed kit if you do not have enough room in or around your property for us to deliver the Amish built shed on a truck & trailer. How much room is needed, well the truck & trailer is 52' long. We will need at least 14' wide path and 13' high clearance to deliver the shed. If you don't have that clearance or you have a fence in the way the shed kits is a great way to get a quality Amish built shed into your backyard.

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Who builds the Wooden Shed Kit?

The wood sheds come in sections to make building as easy and efficient as possible for you or your contractor. Since all the parts in the wooden shed kits are already pre-cut, the assembly process is quite simple and requires a minimal amount of work.

amish prefab shed kits wood mini barnDoes anything come partially built?

Yes. The walls on the shed kits come completely constructed with the windows and doors already hung in them making assembly quick and easy for you.

The plywood floor comes built in one section on almost all of our wood shed kits. The only exception is for sheds that are longer than 10'. In this case the floor comes in two built sections that can easily be put together.

The wood shed kits are delivered on a Dodge 350 with a 24' trailer. Altogether the truck and trailer are 52' long, which is about the length of a tractor trailer for a visual comparison. If you have ordered a 10' wide shed kit we will need at least 14' wide clearance to get the building into your driveway as long as it is a straight shot into your driveway. The sharper the turn into your driveway, the more room is needed for our truck to pass through. If there is not enough room for the truck and trailer to back into your driveway the shed kit will be delivered curb side.

Are instructions included with the wood shed kits?

Yes, all of the wood shed kits come with instructions that fully explain how to assemble all of the parts in the storage shed kit. Please be sure to review the full instructional manual before starting work on the garden shed kits, including any safety reminders and warnings.

Here are the Shed Kit Instructions

How long does it take to build the wood shed kit?

Using three people, it takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete the assembly of our garden shed kits.

wood storage shed kits

Do I have to paint the wood shed kit myself?

No, the siding on the shed kits come painted with two coats of your choice of paint. We offer 16 different colors of paint for you to choose from so that all of our customers can completely customize their wooden shed kits when they order it.


What materials/specs are used on the Wood Shed Kits?

We use strong, durable materials for each part in our shed kits to ensure that they protect storage items efficiently. Below is a list of what you can expect in your storage shed kit.

  • Painted Duratemp T1-11 Wood Siding
  • 25 Yr Shingles
  • ½” Plywood on Roof
  • 2x4 Studs on Roof and Sidewalls 16” on center
  • 2x4 Floor Joists 16” on center
  • 5/8” Plywood Floor
  • Pressure Treated Foundations Skids
  • Wooden Double Doors
  • Steel Diamond Plate at Door Thresholds
  • 2 Gable Vents
  • Two Slider Windows with Shutters mini barn gets 1 window
  • Hardware including nails

How does the Shed Kit get delivered to my property?

A Dodge 350 truck with a 24' long shed trailer will be delivering your Storage Shed Kit. Depending on space restrictions on your property, we can deliver the wood shed kits directly to the spot where it will be assembled, or we can also deliver it to the curbside.

What is your delivery area for shed kits?

We only deliver wooden shed kits within Virginia.

What styles are available on the Shed Kits?

We have a variety of shed kits styles available to suit our customers varying needs and preferences. You will find that all the different styles of our shed kits offer a high degree of functionality along with aesthetic value, for a beautiful storage solution.

  1. Mini Barns
  2. Dutch Barns
  3. A-Frame Sheds
  4. Highwall A-Frame Sheds
  5. Quakers

What sizes are the garden shed kits available in?

Our garden shed kits come in 13 different sizes ranging from 6x6 up to 10x20 to cater to individual preferences, needs, and space restrictions.

Here are several pictures of the shed kits to show the full assembly process. The shed kit depicted below is a deluxe wood Dutch barn.

shed kits flat for delivery

This is what a typical flattened shed kit looks like upon delivery.                  

shed kit reassembling floor

In the initial stage, the floor is reassembled to form the base of the structure.                       

shed kit back wall

Next, the back wall is erected and adjoined to the floor. The stain that you see on the wood was added by the customer to help protect floor.

shed kit side walls put in place

Once the back wall is standing, we put the side walls up in place. You can already see how the structure is coming together in just a few, very simple steps.          

front wall installed wood shed kits

 Now, the front of the shed kits goes up to form the final wall.        

shed kits roof joists

The first stage in setting up the roof involves nailing the roof joists to the 2x4 top plates. This helps to add extra support and strength to the roof.      

wood shed kit roof installation

In the wood shed kit roof installation, lengths of plywood are added to the skeleton structure of the roof.     

roof section installed shed kit

Last section of plywood being placed on roof.

tar paper shed kit

Felt paper put on roof of shed kits. (Felt paper is an option on the shed kits)

drip edge installed diy shed kit

Drip edge installed on do it yourself shed kit.

shed kits shingles

Shingles put on shed kit.      

shed kit complete

DIY shed kit complete.              


Free delivery on the wood shed kits to 21 local counties in Virginia including the Counties of Arlington County Virginia, Augusta, Caroline, Clarke, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fauquier, Frederick, Greene, King George, Loudoun, Madison, Orange, Page, Prince William, Rappahannock, Rockingham, Shenandoah, Spotsylvania, Stafford and Warren County in Virginia.

The wood shed kits are delivered for free to these towns in VA, Staunton VA, Bowling Green, Berryville, Warrenton, Winchester, Standardsville, Lessburg, Luray, Manassas, Harrisonburg, Woodstock, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Waynesboro & Front Royal VA.

They are delivered in all of Virginia.

Storage Sheds are also available delivered fully assembled.



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