Shedrow Barns vs. Other Types of Horse Barns

Shedrow horse barns are an ideal option for keeping horses. These well-built barns are available in different styles and have the ability to be modified to suit the needs of your property. When you purchase online, your barn is delivered with a truck and trailer in Virginia and West Virginia. Each structure is standard with a metal roof, but you may choose to get shingles with plywood underneath. The siding is one-inch-thick Eastern white pine, while the interior features a four-foot oak kickboard. These small horse barns are Amish prefab modular horse barns and come with a metal chew guard on the kickboard. Regardless of the size of your preferred barn, the framing will be heavy-duty oak. The larger shed row barns with two to four stalls offer either a solid wall or metal grill between the stalls.

Shed row horse barns are ideal for those who own a few horses. You may purchase shedrow barns with up to four stalls. We also offer several different sizes from which to choose, and you also can buy a tack room for grooming tools and all horseback-riding equipment to be added on. Any horse owner can sit down and add all of their necessary features to make their custom order their own. Alan’s Factory Outlet is perfect for the horse owner who needs a prefab barn that they can essentially design themselves. Our shedrow barn kits are extremely durable, and that is why our customer love our horse barns for sale all over Virginia and West Virginia. Our modular barns are a great shelter that is reliable and safe in all types of weather for your animals, as opposed to other types of horse barns. These shedrow barns are exceptionally horse-friendly, as the horse’s mouth is protected by the chew guard. Because of this chew guard, the walls of the barn are protected as well. The insulated roof will allow more warmth for the horses in the wintertime, while the half doors and the ridge vent or wooden gable vent will keep the breeze blowing in the summertime.

The roomy stalls in our prefab shedrow barns will allow your horse or pony to have enough room to stay comfortable, as we think first of the horse, then design a great modular shed row horse barn around them. We know owners appreciate their horses being well taken care of in their new home. With the option to stain their new shedrow barn, we know that every new owner will have their own individualized and custom-made barn. When a metal roof is chosen, all customers have a choice for the color of the roof. These are even more ways to make this barn your own.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have shed row barns for sale that will be a beautiful addition to your property. With an unlimited number of choices, your horse will enjoy living in a beautifully designed barn that is a great addition to your home. We have customers all over Virginia and West Virginia who are 100% satisfied with our shed row barns. We put our best into every barn that is ordered and every barn that is built. We put our customers first. All of our sheds are designed with plenty of room for your horse, and that gives them safety from the weather and will absolutely satisfy all of their needs. With stalls, a tack room, and the optional run-in shed, your brand-new barn will certainly add value to your property.