Sheds with Lofts

Sheds with lofts offer a number of advantages over their standard counterparts. Lofts provide the potential for extra storage space and more organizational opportunities. In addition, they can be converted into specific work or hobby areas more easily than those without lofts. At Alan's Factory Outlet, we pride ourselves on offering you the best selection of sheds with lofts online. Inquire with us today to find the perfect shed with a loft for your purposes. Read on to learn how sheds with lofts can impact your storage habits, hobbies, and even your work life.

Expanded Storage Space

Space is usually a priority when consumers want to buy a shed. With loft features, sometimes, space can be doubled within the same structure, depending on the particular design plan chosen. If a loft takes up an entire level, the extra space can be considered a wise investment for those who want to obtain the most space for their money. Our Amish-built storage sheds are renowned for having loft options that provide as much versatility as they do storage space.

Increased Organization

One of the main reasons why consumers show interest in shed plans with loft features is because they offer an increased opportunity for organization. All too often, consumers buy storage sheds to help them organize but find that after a while, the sheds become cluttered and an extension of the very piles of items that they were hoping to tame. Lofts immediately require their owners to compartmentalize, as the separated space within the shed demands that they determine what they need on the easily accessible floor and what can go up into the loft for storage. While the items placed in a loft can be left there indefinitely, they don't have to remain too far away from an owner's mind. Investing in colored storage containers can help you remember what specific boxes hold which of your items. Buying storage containers with tight-fitting lids can protect the integrity of boxes' contents for as long as possible while also deterring pests. 

Home Office Potential

Shed plans with loft options can provide you with an instant office space, should you be interested in moving your business or work room outside of your home. In addition to offering you peace and quiet and a distraction-free environment, these structures can be easily customized to turn into the perfect shed. Loft designs simply have to be studied before purchase to ensure that modifications, like the right lighting, can be installed. With some planning and a few simple additions, personal workplaces can be carved out of a typical shed. Loft uses can include an area to store office supplies, a place to showcase decorations, or, if the loft is spacious enough, a nook to rest and relax.

Gardening Options

Many consumers use our storage structures as gardening sheds. Lofts can provide special access to the sun for plants or seedlings that need as much sunlight as they can get without being exposed to harsh elements. Windows can offer this natural light in a shed. With loft features, plants can be placed on these elevated interior structures to soak up the sun undisturbed. For more intense lighting options, skylights can be installed within the structure. Customizing for ventilation can also help to circulate nourishing air. These modifications may require a significant investment, however, as they may not be included in standard prefab designs.

At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have several prefab sheds with lofts for sale that fit your needs, whatever they may be. Simply contact us through our online form to get help with choosing the right shed for you. We're sure to have the perfect pre-manufactured shed that can meet your storage, hobby, or work goals. With our prefab kits and designs, we take the hassle out of constructing a shed from the ground up and give you more time to enjoy your shed for whichever purpose you choose.