Small Pergolas

Looking for a Small Pergola?

Alan’s Factory Outlet wants to get you all of the information you need when looking to purchase a small backyard pergola. Be sure to look at the prices for our prefab small pergola kits and check out our other outdoor gardening structures to find the outdoor garden structure that best fits your space and design vision. Before you buy, let’s look at some basic facts about the various uses for the small pergola kits we have for sale.

Small pergolas are outdoor, overhead structures that feature support crossbeams and open latticework. Often compared to an arbor, a small pergola is more of a trellis structure. There are a few styles of pergolas; some are freestanding and can be placed over a walkway, and some may be attached to a building or sit over a pool or fountain or above a raised deck space, instead of having a fabric awning that’s prone to unsightly tears and discoloration. Some people even hang swings under their pergolas, which create a nice, secluded retreat to read a book or take a nice summer’s nap.

Alan’s Factory Outlet is pleased to offer study, high-quality pergolas in two different materials. Whether you want the rustic charm of a natural wood pergola or the sleek, clean lines of a white vinyl pergola, we have one that can meet your needs. Pergolas are often utilized in backyards and recreational areas or near pools, ponds and gardens. When placed in one of these areas, they create an inviting outdoor space, provide additional shade, and add an opportunity for beautification by integrating flowers into outdoor architecture. Often, pergolas are covered with climbing vines, trained climbing roses, or aesthetic lighting to create a whimsical and strikingly beautiful space to entertain. Some popular lighting choices are paper or glass lanterns, mason jar lights, vintage-inspired bulb lighting, and small LED lights that resemble fireflies. When choosing climbing plants for your small pergola, be sure to check the number of your planting zone to make sure the plants you’re picking will survive in your climate area. Some of the most beautiful pergola climbing plants include wisteria, climbing roses, clematis, English ivy, and many others.

The pergola has been a pleasing garden accent for ages. It was used in Egyptian, Roman, and Greek architecture to provide shade from the sun. During the Italian Renaissance, the pergola was used decoratively as a design piece reminiscent of the classical Greek and Roman architecture that was wildly popular. Eventually, the use of the pergola in gardening came to France after the French had invaded Italy. The pergola was brought back as a gardening decoration and was made popular by the French nobility. A few years later, the pergola had become a permanent garden accent for French aristocrats. Long lines of them would shade walkways in aristocratic gardens, and they were also heavily utilized as garden centerpieces where nobles would come to socialize, rest, and gain creative inspiration.

Get your small pergola kit from Alan’s Factory Outlet today and transform your garden into an oasis of peace and relaxation. We have a number of prefab, easy-to-assemble small pergola kits to choose from online to make adding a small backyard pergola simple and easy. Putting up your pergola is a great weekend project, and when you use one of our prefab kits, you won’t have to worry about cutting and shaping beams because it’s all been done for you. When you’re finally ready to put your small pergola kit together, be sure to reference our handy how-to guide to building your pergola on our website. Should you have any questions or would like to place an order, feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-488-6903.