Steel Horse Barns & Barn Kits


At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we offer a variety of steel horse barns for sale in our online catalog. Steel barns are a great choice to house your horses because they are not susceptible to any of the long-term issues that plague wooden barns. They can also be used as a shelter for other farm animals or for storing outdoor farming equipment. Our kits are durable and will provide years of use to you and your animals. We take pride in offering a wide variety of customization options so that you can build the barn that works best for you.

Why Choose Steel Horse Barns?

When you choose to purchase one of our prefab steel horse barn kits, you are making the best choice for your animals. The classic option of old wooden horse barns has been shown to be difficult to keep up over the years. Wooden barns come with too many threats — moisture, rot, mold, horse cribbing, and pest infestation are all common troubles with wooden barns. With a steel horse barn, none of these factors are a problem. Because of their durability, steel barns are dependable for many years. Steel frames are perfect for horse shelters because they can easily withstand even the worst weather conditions. Steel is fireproof and resistant to strong winds, so you can rest assured knowing that your horses or other animals are safe. When you buy a barn kit from us, we offer many customization options from which to choose. You can pick the exact size, shape, and add-ons to make a barn that is perfect for you and your animals. Our barns come in several different sizes with a choice of one to four stalls. A run-in shed and gable/ridge vents can also be added for the comfort of your animals. Our two-story barn includes a ladder and trap door for easy access to the second floor, which has a height of 17 feet. Each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions to make assembly simple and quick!

Other Uses for Steel Horse Barn Kits

Many people use our steel barn kits for things other than horse shelters. They can be used as a shelter for other outdoor animals, like sheep, goats, or pigs. These barn kits are large enough to comfortably house animals and their food and equipment. Depending on how you customize it, you could use each stall for a different purpose (like birthing, separating young animals, feeding, etc.). Customers have also reported that our kits are great for storing outdoor lawn and garden equipment and keeping it safe from the elements. When you need a smaller, highly customizable storage option to replace a typical garage or shed, our steel barn kits are a great choice!

Ordering From Alan’s Factory Outlet

When you order one of our steel barn kits, you can rest assured knowing that we do everything we can to provide you with excellent customer service. One of our knowledgeable representatives will walk you step by step through the ordering process and help you create the perfect barn for your specific needs. We offer the option of adding a tack room for owners who need room for saddles, bridles, and grooming equipment. The tack room comes with one window and a three-foot entry door. You can choose to add a second story or keep the structure compact. We even offer the option of customized colors for your roof! Customers can specify the number of stalls and the layout of the structure. Our stalls include guards for your horses and are tall enough for a horse to comfortably rest. We take pride in the design of our barns because we put the comfort of your horses above everything else. Give us a call today to get started with your order!