Small Pre-Built Outdoor Storage Sheds for Sale

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, our wood, vinyl, and board batten storage sheds for sale are all Amish-built andAt Alan’s Factory Outlet, our wood, vinyl, and board batten outdoor storage sheds for sale are all Amish-built and delivered fully assembled! Of course, if you’d prefer to buy shed kits, we have those, too. We have three siding options available for our outside storage shed buildings, and each of our sheds can be delivered for free to 21 local counties in Virginia and West Virginia. Check out our large and small storage sheds and buildings today to find the perfect fit for your home or business!


Wood Storage Sheds

Wood Sheds

People usually picture storage buildings as boring, practical structures, so our wide selection of outdoor storage sheds on sale often comes as a pleasant surprise to many shoppers. Whether you visit our store or buy from our online selection of outdoor sheds for sale, at Alan’s Factory Outlet, we provide our customers with a sizable number of options for the size and appearance of their outside storage shed. Purchase a small outdoor storage unit or one with a vast amount of space for larger items, with an A-frame roof or vertical-style, clad in natural-looking board batten or colorful vinyl siding: You can customize our pre-built storage sheds any way you like!

Vinyl Storage Sheds

Vinyl Sheds

We know that all of our customers have different storage needs. One customer may only need enough space to store their lawn care tools. A small shed would be a perfect choice for gardening, and shopping our selection of small storage sheds will likely yield a great solution for this customer. A small outdoor storage unit can have a wealth of different uses, from stowing pool chemicals to creating a “man cave” or kids’ play house. Our wide variety of small storage buildings is perfect for customers who only need a little bit of space.

On the other hand, some of our customers shop our inventory of outdoor storage sheds for a structure that can handle a large number of items. If you’re in the market for a big unit, don’t worry: Our selection of outdoor sheds for sale features plenty of options that will suit your needs! At Alan’s Factory Outlet, you can customize the size of your structure any way you’d like, so whether you’re interested in large or small outdoor storage sheds for sale, you can buy a storage shed that perfectly suits your space.

Board and Batten Storage Sheds

Board and Batten Storage Buildings

Well-built and attractive, our pre-built storage sheds can help you to make the most of your outdoor space. While other structures may look like overgrown boxes, our Amish-made outdoor sheds are brimming with interesting details. Some of our most popular storage buildings for sale online have windows, shutters, colorful siding, and an appealing roof. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we know that our customers want more than just a plain, practical building sitting in their yard: Storage shed buyers want an outbuilding that is practical and adds character to their property. That is what you will get from Alan’s Factory Outlet, whether you order a large or small storage shed.

Storage Shed FAQs

How Much Does an Amish Storage Shed Cost?

Depending on the size, material, and style, a shed can cost anywhere between $1,200 and $10,000.

Do You Need a Permit to Build a Storage Shed?

In many areas, you will not need a permit for a small storage shed such as a 6x8 or an 8x10. You should check your local zoning laws to find out the requirements where you live.

What Size Shed Requires a Permit?

Typically, a shed larger than a 6x8 or an 8x10 requires a building permit, but this can vary by location.

What Is a Run-In Shed?

A run-in shed is usually used as a shelter for horses. These are small buildings with three sides that have a large open area that a horse could walk in and out of easily. This could also be used to store vehicles if you don’t require a door.

Do Sheds Need a Foundation?

Yes, they do. A small shed can have a very simple foundation such as crushed stone or concrete blocks.

How Much Does Shed Installation Cost?

Setup and delivery are free when you order a shed from Alan’s Factory Outlet!

Shoppers who visit Alan’s Factory Outlet to buy a storage shed appreciate the quality of our Amish-built sheds and small buildings: Each of our small storage sheds and structures is built to endure whatever the weather can dish out. We are glad to provide our shoppers with a selection of durable outdoor storage sheds as well as shed kits for sale, for those who would rather build their structure with their own hands. Check out our selection today and save on the best yard storage shed for your property!