Storage Sheds and Buildings for Your Home


Home storage sheds have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility and their ability to add extra space to a home without the fuss of new construction. With this new trend comes a departure from the average metal shed. Homes can now be complemented by bright and inviting outdoor structures that both grab the eye and serve practical purposes. Whether you want to store excess items, provide housing to livestock or simply add another structure to your property, Alan's Factory Outlet has the perfect storage shed for you. Ask us about customizing your shed to make your structure an undeniable extension of your home.


The uses of home storage sheds stretch far and wide. The most common reason for their purchase, however, is their ability to provide instantaneous extra storage space. Vehicles, valuables and even organic material, like lumber , can be safely stored in metal sheds, as they can adequately safeguard prized possessions from inclement weather and theft. An investment in these sheds often doubles as one in the available square footage in your home, which can make your living space lighter and organization practices easier.


While home storage sheds can do everything from cover your vehicle to protect valuables, they can also serve as a way to house livestock. In recent years, traditional wooden horse barn homes for animals have been eschewed for the sturdier and more economical metal variety. While the construction of conventional barns hit pocketbooks deep with a need for quality materials and specialized labor, steel frame barn homes provide a low-cost, prefab alternative. Our horse barns, in particular, incorporate metal in all of the right places, including roofing, walls, and chew-guards .


At Alan's Factory Outlet, we have several customization options for sale that can make your metal shed a natural extension of your home and a free expression of your personality. Along with choosing size and shape, you can also select the colors and other details of a storage shed so that it complements both your needs and wants. A benefit of taking advantage of these options is that it can make your property look more cohesive. Should you buy one of our shed kits, we'll give you the options from which you can choose, like paint. Contact us, if you need specific components that are extra-durable, or if you want to inquire about parts not featured on our online lists of included materials.

Moisture Control and Condensation

To get the most out of the metal shed homes should have for extra storage, certain considerations must be made before their purchase. For example, diligence about moisture control and adding insulation can help protect your belongings within your home steel building. These processes can also add to a shed's overall durability, creating a structure that you can enjoy for years to come. Ask us about our special shed options, if you live in a particularly humid or cold climate.


Despite your best efforts to keep your new storage shed clean and free of pests, the location of it may also be home to vermin, who might find your structure to be their perfect new habitat. Repelling pests can be accomplished by doing three things regularly: cleaning, organizing and preventing the shed from attracting unwanted guests. Regularly remove all items from your structure and clean using soap, water and other agents. Check for evidence of insect or rodent infestations by inspecting floors, crevices and walls for droppings, nests and stains. Reorganize your shed's items so that they remain off the floor. Eliminate piles of objects, as these can appeal to rodents that seek shelter. Feel free to get creative with your organizational methods, so long as they remain practical. Lastly, remove all organic material, like compost, away from the outside walls of your shed. These can act as food sources and homing beacons for wayward pests.