Affordable, High-Quality Tool Sheds for Sale


Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, an outdoor tool shed can provide additional storage space that comes in handy for items such as lawn equipment, tools, appliances, bicycles, and seasonal items. With a tool shed designed to fit your particular needs, items can be easily stored safely and conveniently. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, our tool sheds come in a variety of sizes to fit both large and small spaces, and you can choose from different colors, materials, and styles to create a structure that will suit any landscape.

How Can You Use a Custom Tool Shed?

An outdoor tool shed can make life easier in a lot of different ways. A garden tool shed is a perfect place to keep all of the equipment used to keep your yard and gardens in top shape. And with a top-quality shed, tool storage is made easy. But that’s not all these structures are good for: A tool shed can provide space to store personal items, set up exercise equipment, protect bikes and motorcycles, safely stow pool supplies, shelter your barbecue equipment, create a playhouse for children, or work on your favorite hobby.

Tool sheds can also be used as a separate office space, helping you to cut down on distractions while you work from home. Sheds can be wired for electricity and set up with a water line, and the high-quality materials and solid construction of these sheds allow owners to cool or heat them using ceiling fans, window fans, space heaters, or window or portable heating and cooling units.

Designing Your Own Garden Tool Shed

The days of box-like and boring tool sheds are in the past. You have the choice of stylish and well-constructed vinyl, wood, metal, and board and batten sheds designed with a theme that includes attractive visual details. Each shed has its own personality, using a variety of architectural features from floor to ceiling.

Our tool sheds for sale are available in many styles, from a basic one-story design to a two-story barn style with additional features. Floor plans can accommodate any need, with sizes ranging from 6x6 to 14x40. You can choose from different roof designs, too, from gable and hip to gambrel, in metal or shingled and in colors including gray, hunter green, hickory, tan, and black.

Select a traditional solid or decorative front door, single or double barn door style, or garage doors. Open up the interior space to sunlight with windows on each side of the shed, or choose solid walls without windows. Sheds are also available with a small, covered front porch for sitting or protection from the elements when entering and exiting the shed.

You’ll have plenty of color options when you buy a tool shed from us, too. For wooden structures, wall and trim colors cover the color spectrum, including pristine white and soft cream, neutral almond and beige, dramatic black, and soothing hunter green. Add a splash of color with cool blue, warm chestnut, or sizzling red. Vinyl exterior colors run the gamut, too, from linen, almond, and sage to Alpine blue, pewter, and gray. Make your tool shed stand out with eye-catching trim, and complete the visual package with a door color that blends with the entire shed, such as green, red, cream, blue, or basic black.

Will Your Tool Shed Require a Permit?

While it may not seem necessary, your city or county may require a permit before a shed can be built or installed, as some states only allow existing sheds to be replaced in the same locations. New structures may need to be moved to an alternate location due to property lines. Check with your local municipal officials to learn the requirements specific to your area.

Save on the Perfect Tool Shed for Your Needs Today

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, it’s simple to get the high-quality tool shed you want at a price you can afford. Whether you’re interested in tool shed kits or prefab units, a large or small tool shed, or even a full-sized barn, we can help you create and purchase a structure that’s exactly like you envision. Place your order today and see for yourself!