Heavy-Duty Vinyl Prefab Garages and Sheds: Prices

Want a simple, reliable, attractive storage solution for your property? Our vinyl manufactured garages are just what you need. These Amish-built structures are high-quality buildings that are perfect for use either as garages or sheds, and our modular garage prices are some of the best in the business. Prefab garage prices also include free delivery to 30 local counties in Virginia, making these products an even better value. Please note that these vinyl-siding garages can only be delivered in Virginia.

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Prefab Garage Price List

Pre-built garages’ prices can vary depending on their dimensions and the accessories you choose to add, but this table should give you an idea of the prices to expect.

Heavy-Duty Amish-Built Vinyl Garages and Sheds Prices
Size Vinyl A-Frame or Barn Garage
12x12 $4,744
12x14 $5,234
12x16 $5,723
12x18 $6,142
12x20 $6,568
12x24 $7,148
12x28 $7,903
12x30 $8,119
12x32 $8,469
12x36 $9,223
12x40 $10,153
14x20 $8,404
14x24 $8,841
14x28 $9,292
14x32 $10,292
14x36 $11,532
14x40 $12,708
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Please see a complete list of options, accessories and pricing in the attached PDF

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How Much Do Prefab Sheds Cost?

Our vinyl structures start as low as $1,606 for a 6-by-6 mini barn, but prefab garage prices can run as high as $12,708 for the largest structures. A typical 10-by-12 shed costs between $2,795 and $4,108 depending on the style.

What Factors Can Influence Home Garage Prices?

Modular garage prices can vary a lot based on their size, style, and added features. For instance, things like extra windows or doors, ramps, or work benches will add to the cost.

Does a Prefab Garage Need Planning Permission?

This depends on where you live. Check your local laws to see if you need planning permission to build a modular garage. Many times, these rules are dependent on the size of the shed, but guidelines and restrictions will vary. Understanding the building and zoning laws surrounding garage construction can be a lot to deal with, but your local officials can point you in the right direction.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we work hard to make the prices of our modular garages as affordable as possible, so when you buy online from us, you know you’ll be getting a great deal. Place your order today online, or call us and let us help you with your purchase of a modular garage. We’re here for you!

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