Prefab Wooden Garages in Virginia

A maroon 12x24 barn-style wooden garage with white trim12x24 barn wood garage

A standalone garage is the perfect solution for protecting your vehicle and meeting other storage needs. But unfortunately, some people never pursue the option of adding a wooden garage or shed to their property, either because they think it will be too expensive or because they lack construction know-how. If either of these factors are keeping you from seriously considering wooden garages to meet your storage needs, you’ve come to the right place. A low-cost, well-built prefabricated wood garage from Alan’s Factory Outlet allows you to get the benefits of a standalone garage without breaking the bank and without needing a lot of know-how. Of course, if you’re the DIY type, you can also get wood garage building kits and put together your structure yourself. Either way, our affordable wood garage buildings make it more convenient than ever to get the storage space that you need.

A beige prefabricated wood garage with a gable roof

Customize Our Wood Garages and Sheds to Suit Your Needs

Alan’s Factory Outlet’s Amish prefab wood garages come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of customers everywhere. We understand that not everyone has the same space and storage requirements, so we offer a wide range of different wooden garage and shed options. Prefabricated garages and prefab wood garage kits come with either a barn or an A-frame roof, and you can also choose features such as trim colors and elements like windows and doors to create a custom garage uniquely suited to your needs.

When you order one of our wooden buildings, it will come painted in your choice of colors. These wood garage buildings are delivered fully assembled in the size, color, and style you want unless you purchase one of our prefab wood garage kits. Portable garages are also available, in case you need to move yours to another piece of land or another part of your property later on. We also make our wood garages available without a floor for those customers who want to place their prefab wooden garage onto a concrete slab or gravel pad. (Garages are the same price with or without a floor.) These Amish-built structures can also be constructed as vinyl garages if you would prefer a material other than wood.

Should you need more space from your wooden garage, Alan’s Factory Outlet also has wood prefab two-car garages and two-story garages. Metal garages and carports are also available.


Wooden Prefab Garages’ Standard Features

All of the wood garages and sheds we carry come with these standard features:

  • Reinforced 3/4-inch pressure-treated plywood floor with 2x4 joists 12 inches on center
  • All-plywood interior, walls, and roof with 2x4s 16 inches on center
  • A 9x7 garage door, two 2x3 windows with shutters, a single 36-inch wood door, and two gable vents
  • 25-year shingles
  • Diamond plate on the garage door and single door of each prefab wood garage in our inventory

Wood garages also can be upgraded to a 40-year metal roof or 30-year architectural shingles, felt paper, and pressure-treated 2x4 floor joists.

Get High-Quality, Customizable Prefab Wood Buildings at Great Prices

People across the country trust our wood garages because of their quality construction, and countless happy customers have had one or more of these prefab wood garage buildings installed on their property. You can feel confident that no matter which options you choose, this level of quality will extend to all parts of these wood garages; any prefabricated wooden garage that you buy from us is sure to hold up well over time. Our wood garages are made with DuraTemp T1-11 wood siding, which has a 25-year warranty. And when you order a prefab wood garage from us, you’re not just ordering high-quality materials: You’re ordering a piece of Amish craftsmanship that’s built to last. That’s what sets our wood garage buildings apart from the crowd. Order one of our prefab garages or wood garage kits today and you’ll be glad you did!