Modular Wood Storage Sheds for Sale

wood 12x20 dutch barn sheds, vaAlan's Factory Outlet's Amish-built wood T1-11 painted portable shed buildings are delivered fully assembled in Virginia and West Virginia. The wood storage sheds for sale here are an excellent option if you need a place for large items, small items, and everything in between. Our Amish-built wood sheds can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a storage shed, garden building, kids' playhouse, dog barn, tool shed, portable building, woodworking shop, hobby room, or home office. A prefab wood shed can serve many purposes for your family while protecting your valuable property from the elements.

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The rustic yet elegant design of our wood sheds for sale can enhance the look of just about any backyard. As with all Amish-built furniture, the fine craftsmanship is immediately evident in these small wood storage sheds. The design reflects a high level of attention to detail in the construction as well as in the choice of wood.

Wood Dutch Barn inside view of shed

We know how important it is for our customers to find modular sheds that fit with the look of their house or property. That's why we have several sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. Take a look at the color chart for our wooden sheds to choose the paint and shingle options you like best! Wood storage shed styles include mini barns, Dutch barns, A-frame sheds, high-wall A-frame buildings, Quaker sheds, hip-roof buildings, dormer sheds, and sheds with a porch.

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This Amish-built A-frame wood shed is made with an optional 6-inch overhang. It features arched glass windows atop its double wood doors, plus wood gable vents as well as wood shutters.

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We recommend that you measure the amount of storage space you need and compare it with the wood shed options we offer. For example, if you want a wooden shed to serve as shelter for your car, measure your vehicle and factor in some extra space on each side, then look through our selection to find the storage option that would accommodate your car.

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Mini barn storage buildings are the most affordable of the Amish builtMini-barn storage buildings are the most affordable of our Amish-built wood sheds.

Our wood storage sheds for sale come with plenty of features:

  • All sheds use 16-inch on-center construction on all side walls and roof trusses for more strength.
  • Wood storage buildings come standard with a 40-year 4x4 pressure-treated base with 2x4 studs 16 inches on center and a 5/8-inch plywood floor with 2x4 floor joists. Pressure-treated floor joists are available.
  • Upgraded floor options are available on all wooden storage sheds.
  • All of our wood sheds come with two gable vents for added ventilation and prevention of mold and mildew.
  • Each wooden shed has two windows with shutters except the mini-barn.
  • Wooden portable buildings come with a lock and two keys and a diamond-plate threshold so that your goods are completely secure.
  • Heavy-duty wooden sheds have 25-year shingles, but you can upgrade to 30-year architectural shingles with felt paper.

Wood Dormer a frame shed

You don't even need to worry about assembly when you order our wooden storage sheds: These Amish-built wood storage sheds are delivered fully assembled. Please note, though, that these wooden sheds are only available in Virginia and West Virginia.

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This wood Dutch barn storage shed for sale in Virginia is made with a single door instead of a double door.

Paint Colors and Shingle Colors on Wood Buildings.

With our wooden storage structures, you aren't limited to a simple shed. You can order wood garages that come standard with a 9-foot-by-7-foot garage door, 36-inch single door, and two windows as well as a reinforced 3/4-inch pressure-treated plywood floor with 12-inch on-center joists. We also offer a two-car garage in either 20-foot or 24-foot widths and a variety of different lengths. In addition, we sell two-story sheds that have a staircase going up to the second floor. Single-wide two-level barns come with four windows, and double-wide two-story barns have eight windows included.

If small wood storage sheds don't seem right for your needs, we also have several models of vinyl sheds available for purchase. Call now and let us help you order the perfect shed for your storage needs.

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