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 When a single-story shed or building is insufficient to meet all of your storage needs, then a two story shed or several two story storage buildings from Alan’s Factory Outlet are just what you need. Our 2 story sheds feature additional storage space and other features that make them an easy choice for those who need a quality storage building at an affordable price. And with our large selection of models, colors, and floor plans, you are sure to find just what you are looking for in our catalog of 2 story storage sheds.

Our selection of two story shed plans is excellent because we offer many different sizes to give you the building that will work for you. Alan’s Factory Outlet Amish prefabricated 2 story sheds come in single wide two story sheds and double-wide two story sheds. This means that you can have your shed double as a single-car or two-car garage, and you will have double the storage space when you buy one of our double-wide two story storage buildings.

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In addition to a multitude of width options, our two story shed products come in number of different color options. You get to choose the paint color and metal roof color. The wood 2 story sheds come with duratemp wooden siding (25 year warranty) with an all plywood interior. If you don’t want the metal roof for your two story shed, which has a 40-year Warranty, you can get it made with 30 year architectural shingles. As far as the roof options on our 2 story sheds, you get to pick either a barn roof or an a-frame roof.

Our two story shed plans are built to last, so you can be confident that you will get a structure that will endure for years under normal conditions and keep your belongings safe from the elements and other potential harm. See the specifications below for more information on the warranties available on our two story storage buildings. If you have any questions about which model is best for your needs, feel free to contact us. 

prefab 2 story sheds12x20 wood 2 story barn roof shed

12x20 two story shed inside

All of Our Single Wide 2 Story Sheds Come with:

  • A staircase going up to a 2nd level or pull down ladder
  • 9x7 insulated garage door to keep your two story storage shed secure
  • Single door and 4 large 2’x3’ windows with shutters
  • Five 40-year pressure-treated foundation skids to keep your shed off the ground and more protected from pests and the environment
  • 2"x4" joists 12" on center with 3/4" tongue-and-groove plywood floor for a secure bottom on all of our two story storage buildings

Single-wide 2 story sheds are 17’ tall at the peak with 10’ sidewalls. The headroom on the first floor is 8’ and headroom on the 2nd level is 8’ at the peak. The A-frame pitch is 14/12 and the barn roof gives you even more headroom on the 2nd level.

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*Floorless two story sheds are also available to go on a concrete pad.

20x20 2 story shed without floor

 Standard Features for All of Our Double Wide 2 Story Sheds:

  • A staircase going up to a 2nd level
  • Two 9x7 insulated garage door or double doors to give you different access options on the model you choose from our selection of 2 story storage sheds
  • 9-Lite Door and 8 Large 2’x3’ windows with shutters are featured on our two story shed plans
  • Five 40-year pressure-treated foundation skids
  • 2"x4" joists 12" on center with 3/4" tongue-and-groove plywood floor

Double-wide 2-story sheds are 18’ tall at the peak with 10’ sidewalls. The a-frame pitch on the double wide 2 story structures is 8/12 pitch and the barn 2-story structures give you even more headroom in the 2nd level. The headroom on the first level is 8’ and 8’ at the peak on the 2nd level. This means that all of our 2 story storage sheds have ample room for storage and for moving around and working in them.

vinyl 24x24 2 story garage

2 story buildings are available in wood or with vinyl siding that has a lifetime warranty. Board & batten siding on our 2 story storage sheds is also an option that many buyers take advantage of.

2 story garage

 2 story shed without a floor

2 story barn 2nd level head room

Take a virtual tour of two different two story sheds below. The first is a 12x20 barn 2-story shed with a floor. The 2nd is a 24x24 double-wide barn 2 story shed without a floor. These are two of our most popular 2 story sheds.

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A-Frame 2 Story Storage Sheds

barn two story shed in Virginia

Prefab Wooden Two Story Storage Barns

12x24 vinyl 2 story shed 

Prefabricated Vinyl 2 Story Storage Sheds

wood two story barn with double doors

Two Story Barn Storage Buildings

2 story garage with house doors

Two Story Double Wide Barns

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Prefab Two Story Barn Garages

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