Our Favorite Back Decks

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Aug 1, 2015


Gazebo on back deck

Summer is the perfect time to sit out on the back deck or patio with friends and family. Barbecues, swimming parties, and backyard games are just a few of the fun things to do on warm summer days. There are many homeowners who put a lot of time and thought into creating a design for their deck or patio. Take a look at just a few examples of some imaginative decks and patios: You might find yourself inspired to give yours an upgrade!

A Deck and a Dock

A deck that doubles as a dock is the perfect place to enjoy a summer afternoon with friends. The swimming pool borders the deck, making it easy for family and friends to swim, dip their toes into the water, or watch the splashing from a cozy chair. When the pool is unoccupied, the gentle rippling of the water makes this deck a peaceful place to spend a hazy summer afternoon. This attractive design proves that there is no reason why a swimming area has to be set apart from a sitting area.

A Deck Featuring Aquatic Life

If you love the thought of relaxing on your deck while watching a gathering of beautiful koi, then this design may be your cup of tea! A multi-level deck with built-in fish ponds is the perfect place for reading, talking with friends, or just sitting back and collecting your thoughts. The fish ponds themselves are full of colorful pebbles and aquatic plants. Also, they're connected by a waterfall that circulates the water, helping to keep it clean. I like the idea of a waterfall that's both practical and decorative, don't you? Floating plants and bubbling water along with the constant movement of fish makes this a dynamic backyard deck design!

A Multi-Level Deck With a Hot Tub

Many homeowners envision a deck with a hot tub when they describe their ideal backyard. But picture a deck that has a hot tub on one level and a place to share a meal with friends on another. This design allows guests and family members plenty of space to wander around and visit. Also, it gives privacy to individuals who are spending time in the hot tub. Potted plants, flowers, and the right kind of outdoor lighting make this deck design ideal for homeowners who love spending time in their backyard.

An Indoor/Outdoor Gathering Area

A patio with a screened porch gives guests and family members plenty of choices as to where to spend their time. On a summer afternoon, people can gather around the tables for a meal on the spacious, comfortable patio. In the evening, when the mosquitoes start to come out, folks can move into the screened porch and enjoy the warm breezes while avoiding insect bites. This idyllic patio is surrounded by fragrant blossoms and greenery.

A Patio With an Outdoor Kitchen

Picture a patio with a sink, a little refrigerator, an oven, counter space, and even a fireplace. Friends and family members can gather around the table as the host or hostess prepares the meal right out on the patio. The best part is that the host can be in on the conversation while serving guests. Everyone can enjoy the breezes and the surroundings as they partake in a delicious meal.

I hope these amazing deck and patio designs give you a few creative ideas for your own backyard space. Thanks for reading! - Alan

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Outdoor Lighting for Your Backyard

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Jul 24, 2015


Do you and your family like to spend a lot of time in the backyard during the summer? Sitting on the patio talking with loved ones, playing a game of softball, or taking a refreshing evening swim can be the perfect ending to a summer day. Regardless of your family's backyard activities, you need enough light to keep the fun going after the sun goes down. This week, I thought I'd suggest some ideas for outdoor lighting that can make your backyard a more inviting place when the fireflies come out to play.

Floating Candles

Candles are decorative and can provide a lot of light in a backyard. One idea is to get a few large metal washtubs and fill them to the halfway point with water. Arrange the tubs around the area where people are congregating. Next, float ten to 12 tea light candles in the water. When the sun begins disappear, light each of the tea light candles in the washtubs. A collection of flickering, floating candles can create a peaceful atmosphere in the backyard as you and your friends gather around a patio table. Tea light candles are available in most craft stores and come in pink, yellow, purple, and orange along with many other colors.

Twinkling White Lights

Remember those strings of twinkling white lights you put on the Christmas tree last year? They are perfect if you want to create some unique lighting in your backyard. The thing to do before choosing a location for the lights is to look for an outdoor outlet. If you want to string the lights up on the railing of your deck, you may need an extension cord to connect to the outlet. Arranging strings of lights in the branches of a nearby tree is another idea. With enough strings of white lights, you can illuminate the area for a pleasant gathering on a summer evening.

Solar-Powered Lights

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly way to light up your backyard, then solar-powered lights may be your thing. These lights can illuminate a pathway or a patio area. I think these lights would be perfect for lighting up a backyard gazebo. They need to be installed in a place where they receive at least eight hours of full sunlight per day. This gives them the energy they need to illuminate your backyard for several hours after the sun goes down! These lights are sold in big-box stores and home improvement stores. They are available in a variety of styles so you can find some that flow with the look of your home and backyard.

Tiki Torches

When you hear the words "tiki torch," you may picture one with a traditional wooden design. But there are many other designs available today. For instance, you can get a tiki torch in a hammered stainless steel bowl design. Or you may prefer one in the shape of a sunflower or pineapple. Today's modern tiki torches are filled with lamp oil and are extremely easy to light. A few tiki torches arranged around your backyard can give you as much light as you need for an evening swim, backyard games, or a late-night cookout.

I hope these ideas make your evening gatherings all the more memorable. Thanks for reading. - Alan

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Your Road Trip Preparation Guide

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Jul 14, 2015


Are you and your family going on a road trip this summer? Our country has so many beautiful towns and cities that it's hard to decide which one to visit first. But no matter where you're going on your trip, it's important to make sure your car is up to the journey. Discover a few simple precautions to take before backing out of your familiar two-car garage and heading for the open highway. Enjoy!

Check the Tires

You probably already know that checking your tire pressure is a top priority before leaving on a car trip. Check the manufacturer's sticker on the driver's side door or look in your owner's manual to find out your ideal tire pressure. It's also a smart idea to check the condition of the tire tread. Examine your tires to find areas that are more worn than the rest of the tire. When you find uneven wear on the tires, it's time to have them rotated. This can help to prevent a flat tire on your road trip.

Refresh Your Tire-Changing Skills

Of course, there's always a chance that you'll need to change a tire while on the road. If it's been a while since you changed a tire, remove the jack, lug wrench, and spare tire from your car's trunk to look them over. Then, review the steps of how to change a tire. By the way, you can review the steps without actually changing a tire. There is a good chance that you won't have to change a tire on your trip, but it will give you peace of mind to know you could do it if you had to.

Change the Oil and the Air Filter

Changing the oil is another basic thing you can do to keep your car running smoothly on your trip. You can change the oil yourself or take your car to professionals who can change it for you. Checking the condition of your car's air filter is also important. A clean air filter keeps dirt, dust, and other debris away from the engine, allowing it to run with efficiency.

Evaluate Your Windshield Wipers

It's easy to forget about the state of your windshield wipers until it starts pouring rain when you're out on the road. So before you leave on your road trip, check to see if the wiper blades are in good shape. If they leave smears across your windshield or clean it unevenly, it's time to replace the blades. You'll be glad your windshield wipers are in good working order if you encounter a summer storm on the highway.

Pack an Emergency Kit

There's a good chance you already have an emergency kit in the trunk of your car. But it's a good idea to check its contents before leaving on a trip. Some must-have items in an emergency kit include jumper cables, reflector triangles, scissors, rope, a flashlight, work gloves, paper towels, a funnel, and a blanket. In addition, make sure to take along a charger for your cellphone, non-perishable snacks, water, and a first-aid kit. I suggest you have these things in your car's trunk all year round. These items may take up a bit of space in your trunk that could be used for suitcases, but you'll be glad you packed them if you have car trouble.

You may also think about taking along a traditional folding map in case something goes awry with your GPS. If your GPS decides to have a meltdown, you and your family can pull out your trusty paper map and stay right on course! Thanks for reading. - Alan

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Create A Backyard Oasis For Your Pooch!

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Jul 9, 2015


If you have a dog that spends a lot of time in the backyard, you may want to make some changes to create a space that it will love. Today, there are plenty of unique items that can keep dogs busy as they spend their days roaming your backyard. Discover some items that can transform your backyard into an oasis for dogs.

An Enviable Doghouse

We've all seen the basic doghouse with an A-frame roof and one opening in the front. But have you ever thought of getting a doghouse with a little more flair? One fun idea is a large wooden doghouse with three or four steps that lead up to a deck above the house. After taking a nap inside the doghouse, your canine can wander up the steps to check out what's happening around the backyard. If you don't want to purchase a new doghouse, you can make adjustments to one with a basic design. Using a saw, cut a door in the back wall of the doghouse. Then, fasten a piece of fabric over the opening to make a flap door. I suggest cutting up a sturdy old blanket for this. Now, the dog has two doors to use and can enjoy a cross-breeze flowing through its house.

A Place to Cool Off

Labrador retrievers, spaniels, German shepherds, and terriers are just a few breeds of dogs that love to be in the water. In the warm-weather months, fill a child's plastic swimming pool and put it in the backyard for your dog to play in. The amount of water you put into the pool depends on the size of your dog. The dog may get into the pool and roll around in the water or just wade through it. Of course, there are some dogs that will use the pool as a gigantic water bowl. Be sure to supervise any small children who may be playing near the dog's pool.

Getting a Drink and a Bite to Eat

In an average backyard, you may find two simple bowls to supply the family dog with food and water. However, if you are creating a paradise for dogs, you need to go a few steps further. Check out a pet fountain for your dog. These are fountains with circulating water filtered and ready for your pooch to drink. They come in all sizes and designs to keep your dog refreshed throughout the day. Also, in place of a basic dog bowl, you can get a dog food dispenser for the backyard. These durable dispensers supply a dog with a reasonable amount of food and can save you the trouble of cleaning and filling a bowl each day.

Ground to Dig In

Some dogs love to dig. If you have a dog like this, try preparing an area with soft dirt that is perfect for digging. Maybe you could choose a place in the shade near your garden shed. Invite your dog to dig there by burying a bone in the dirt or spreading its toys around the area. You could put your dog's favorite chew rag, a rope bone, a tennis ball, and a Frisbee on top of the dirt. If your dog is a digger, it will love spending hours exploring its own little patch of ground in the backyard.

When planning a backyard oasis, keep your dog's size, age, and activity level in mind. You're sure to come up with some more ideas that will get your dog's tail wagging. Thanks for reading! - Alan

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Turn Your Shed Into A Tiny House

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Jun 29, 2015


Does your garden shed ever remind you of a tiny house? It has a door, maybe a window or two, and you may even have a tiny front porch. Well, it's possible to make your shed into a comfortable place to get away from the busy pace of life for a while. Check out the details on a few simple items that can transform your garden shed into a tiny home away from home.

A Futon

Put a small futon in your shed and you have a great place to nap as well as somewhere for visitors to sit. Try looking for a used futon at a secondhand furniture shop or a discount furniture store. Futons are available in a variety of colors and are fairly lightweight. For extra comfort, you can choose some throw pillows to place on your futon.

Director's Chairs

Director's chairs are perfect for a shed that doubles as a tiny house. The fabric of these chairs is comfortable, and they are available in different heights. If you want to make more open space in your shed, you can fold up these chairs and lean them against the wall. They are sold in all sorts of bright colors that can dress up the interior of your tiny house.

A Folding Card Table

A folding card table is a practical addition to your tiny house because it can be set up anytime you want to enjoy a snack, do some paperwork, or play a board game with friends. A card table is lightweight and easy to keep clean. You can even throw an inexpensive tablecloth over it if you want to dress up the place a little bit. This type of table pairs well with three or four small director's chairs.

A Mini Refrigerator

A mini refrigerator is an essential item for your tiny house if you want to keep some cold refreshments on hand. Of course, you need to have a power source in your shed if you want to set up a mini fridge. If you don't want to arrange for a power source, you could keep some cold items in a moveable cooler. You'd need to fill it with enough ice to last for the number of hours you plan to spend in your tiny house.

A Small Area Rug and Curtains

Get an inexpensive rug at a discount furniture store to throw down on the floor of your shed. With a rug, you can step out of your shoes and walk around in your socks or even barefoot. This is really going to make your shed feel like a home away from home! A lightweight, durable rug is easy to maintain and can add some color to your decor. Plus, a pair of well-made curtains can provide you with privacy and keep the sunlight out of your tiny house if you want to grab a nap.

Artwork for the Walls

Hanging artwork on the walls of your tiny house is one way to make the place more home-like. One idea is to frame some of your children's artwork to hang on a wall. There are plenty of inexpensive frames available at dollar stores and secondhand furniture shops. This unique artwork will fit right into your non-traditional living space.

Have a great time setting up a tiny house that will become the perfect place to collect your thoughts, visit with friends or catch a few Z's. Thanks for reading! - Alan

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Lemonade Stands for Beginners

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Jun 25, 2015


When most people think of America, they immediately picture things like apple pie, baseball games, and the American flag flying in front of a home. What about a homemade lemonade stand manned by a couple of neighborhood kids? Now that's an American tradition! You may have spent a few summers as a kid selling refreshments at your own stand. Creating a lemonade stand is an excellent way for kids to learn about taking on and following through with the responsibility of a project. Check out some helpful tips for kids who want to set up their own lemonade stand this summer.

Creating a Lemonade Stand

There are lots of ways to construct a stand. Parents should encourage their kids to use materials that they find around the home. One idea is for kids to borrow two sawhorses from the garage, position them four feet apart, and lay a small sheet of plywood across them to make a table. A large, sturdy cardboard box turned upside-down also makes a great table for a lemonade stand. Kids should be sure to put some heavy rocks on the flaps of the box to secure it to the grass. A wagon is another item that can serve as a stand to sell lemonade. When the stand closes, kids can transport all of their supplies right back to the house.

Advertising the Sale

Kids may want to put up signs directing pedestrians and cars to their lemonade stand. For instance, if kids set up a stand in front of a house on a cul-de-sac, they could post a yard sign at the entrance to the street. Kids can use construction paper and markers to make signs advertising their lemonade sale. If they have a discarded yard sign, they could attach their advertisement to it and put it in a place where passers-by would notice it. Parents can encourage kids to come up with a catchy phrase to get people's attention.

Where to Put the Lemonade Stand

It's a good idea for kids to set up their lemonade stand in front of their home. Of course, they should make sure it's a few feet back from the road. I suggest that parents advise their kids on the best spot for their stand. It should always be in a place where parents can supervise all of the activities.

Making and Serving the Lemonade

When it comes to preparing the lemonade and deciding on the price per cup, parents can teach their kids how to factor in the cost of the lemonade ingredients as they figure out what to charge customers. Operating a lemonade stand teaches kids the importance of figuring out what they need to earn in order to cover their expenses. Kids also learn how to present their lemonade in the most appealing way. They may want to decorate the disposable cups and use an attractive pitcher for their tasty creation. Kids can be as imaginative as they want when setting up their sidewalk lemonade business! In addition, they get some practice with making change for customers and keeping track of the coins and bills in their money box.

Hopefully, when the lemonade stand closes for the day, the kids will have earned a profit as a result of all of their creative selling ideas. This fun project can get kids thinking about other businesses and money-making ideas. Thanks for reading! - Alan

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A Backyard Game Board: How - To

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Jun 24, 2015


'Backyard Board Games for Summertime'

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors with your family during the warm weather months? If you do, you may want to try some backyard games that put a unique twist on familiar board games. Playing these games in the backyard allows you to enjoy the fresh summer breezes as you gather with family and friends for a fun afternoon or evening. Check out the details on a couple of entertaining backyard board games.

Backyard Twister

Chances are you're familiar with the game of Twister. Traditional Twister involves a large sheet of white plastic featuring four rows of colored circles. Someone flicks the needle on the spinner board to see where five or six players put their feet and hands. Eventually, players end up in a big, tangled pile on the ground. Making a backyard Twister board is very easy and can be done in a matter of ten or fifteen minutes. All you need is a black marker, a large piece of cardboard, scissors, a round bucket and four cans of spray paint. Choose a can of blue, green, red, and yellow paint. Be sure that the paint is biodegradable so you won't hurt your grass or the environment. First, center the bucket on the piece of cardboard and trace around it with the marker making a perfect circle. Next, cut out the center of the circle, grab your paint cans and head to the location of your backyard Twister board. Using the cardboard template, spray paint six red circles in one row on the grass. Next to that row, make a row of six yellow, six blue and six green circles. Allow the paint enough time to dry before starting a game. If you own the board game Twister, you can use that spinner board for your backyard version of the game. If you don't, I suggest that you make your own spinner board. Add a little background music to your gathering along with some snacks and let the fun begin!

The Memory Game

The traditional Memory game starts with twenty or thirty small, square cards face down on a table. Three or four players take turns picking up a card and then trying to find its match among the rest of the cards. The player who finds the most matches is the winner. The backyard version of the Memory game requires a bit of preparation. Many of us have leftover floor tiles piled up somewhere in a closet or in the basement. Twenty or thirty 12x12 inch floor tiles can be used as cards in your backyard Memory game. Look on the Internet for some colorful images and make two large copies of each on white paper. A cat, a car, a rainbow, a doll and a chair are all examples of simple images to print out and glue to your tiles. You could also enlist some kids to draw or paint these images on pieces of paper and then make a copy of each one so you'll have two for the Memory game. It's hilarious fun for kids and adults to walk through the rows of cards trying to remember the location of a particular image. I suggest that you cover each game tile with plastic wrap to keep the images from taking on grass stains and moisture. This is a game you're sure to enjoy for several summers in your backyard!

I hope learning about these games will spark even more ideas. Thanks for reading.-Alan

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A Honeymoon...In A Tree House

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Jun 15, 2015


'Consider a Tree House Honeymoon'

When you think of a honeymoon destination, you may picture a condo by the ocean, a luxurious hotel in an exciting city, or an expansive cruise ship, but have you ever heard of a tree house honeymoon? Today, many couples are traveling to beautiful places on earth to stay in an elaborate version of a tree house. Take a closer look at honeymoon tree houses and see why some couples are trying this exciting option.

Features of a Honeymoon Tree House

For many people, a tree house is a makeshift structure made with discarded boards. It's something kids build on the sturdy branches of an old tree so they have a place to go to get away from grown-ups. Well, the only similarity between a honeymoon tree house and a traditional tree house is that they are both surrounded by tree branches and/or treetops. Some honeymoon tree houses offer couples a refrigerator, comfortable furnishings, a microwave oven, and television. Other honeymoon tree houses take it up a notch by providing couples with access to things like a fireplace, a hot tub, and a 40-inch flat-screen TV. And, of course, there is the beautiful view from the windows or deck. Getting to a honeymoon tree house is part of the fun. In some cases, a couple must climb a collection of wooden steps to get to the structure. There are some honeymoon tree houses that can only be reached via swinging bridge. The combination of luxurious accommodations and a peaceful setting is appealing to many of today's newlyweds.

Why Choose a Tree House Honeymoon?

Brides and grooms have their own reasons for taking a honeymoon in a tree house. For example, some couples really enjoy the beauty of nature. They want to hear the birds and see a variety of wildlife while staying in this unique honeymoon spot. Other couples choose this option based on their shared history. A bride and groom may have grown up together in the same neighborhood. Perhaps they remember playing in a tree house as young kids, and therefore tree houses have special significance for the couple. Honeymoon tree houses can be found in England, Africa, the United States, and many other places throughout the world. A couple gets to enjoy the unique attributes of a tree house while taking in the sights and sounds of an unfamiliar country or city.

Things to Consider Before Embarking on a Tree House Honeymoon

It's a good idea for a couple to thoroughly research a tree house honeymoon in order to make the proper preparations. For instance, some tree houses are located high in the trees and are only accessible by a flight of wooden steps. Consequently, it's a good idea to avoid taking a lot of heavy suitcases that would need to be hauled up to the house. I suggest a few lightweight bags as an alternative. If a tree house is only accessible by hanging bridge, then it's a good idea to leave the rolling suitcases at home. In addition, couples should reserve a tree house several months before the wedding because these accommodations are in high demand.

Do you know any couples who are getting married soon? Suggest this non-traditional idea to them and see what they say. You may just provide them with the unique trip they're looking for. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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How to Make Your Own Fire Pit

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Jun 5, 2015


'Add a Beautiful New Fire Pit to Your Backyard This Summer'

Have you ever thought about a fire pit for your backyard? A fire pit is more than an attractive addition to a piece of property. It's something that can be enjoyed throughout the summer months. Imagine toasting marshmallows, having a weeny roast, or just sitting around with friends and family, watching the flickering flames. Check out the steps involved in making your own fire pit.

Tools for Making a Fire Pit

In order to make an appealing fire pit, you need to have a supply of tools that will do the job. You'll need a shovel, a tamper, a tape measure, a level, a mallet, and a caulk gun. In addition to these tools, you'll need some materials. The list of materials includes a steel fire pit bowl with a screen cover, cast-concrete wall stones, a container of powdered chalk, ¾ inch drainage gravel, a bag of leveling sand, and masonry adhesive.

Choosing a Location

Be sure you check your local building ordinances before choosing a location for your fire pit. In many cases, it must at least 25 feet from your house and any trees in your yard. Check for any low-hanging tree branches that could come in contact with your fire. I suggest that you put it in an area where the smoke won't blow right into the windows of your home.

The Construction Process

  • First, arrange the bottom layer of wall stones in a circular design for your fire pit. Be sure to count the wall stones so you know how many there are in your design.
  • Once you have the stones in place, mark the perimeter with powdered chalk. Measure the inner diameter of the stone circle to make sure your steel fire pit bowl will fit into it.
  • Put the stones to the side and use the shovel to dig a six-inch-deep hole within the perimeter of your chalk circle. Dump a layer of gravel and leveling sand into the hole and flatten it with the tamper. Next, use the level to make sure the surface of the sand is even.
  • Put the bottom layer of stones end to end in a circular formation around the sand center and use the level to make sure the stones are even. If one stone is sticking up higher than the others, use the mallet to tap it down. Alternatively, if one of the stones is sitting too low, pick it up and put some extra leveling sand underneath it. It's important to start out with a bottom layer of stones that is perfectly even.
  • Fill the caulking gun with masonry adhesive and apply it in a zig zag design on two of the stones in the bottom layer. Allow two inches of space between the masonry adhesive and the edges of your stones. Place a new stone on the seam that divides the two bottom layer stones. Continue this procedure until the second layer of stones is in place.
  • The same routine applies to the third and fourth stone layers of your fire pit wall. When all of the layers of the wall are built, dump a layer of gravel onto the floor of your fire pit. Fit the steel bowl into the opening of the fire pit and place the cover on it.

This is just one way to approach the construction of a fire pit. Have an enjoyable summer relaxing with family and friends. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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Fictional Garages That You'll Want

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, May 15, 2015


'Create Your Dream Garage'

If you looked out into your garage right now, what would you see? Chances are, you'd see your car or maybe a truck, tools, garbage cans and a collection of boxes filled with miscellaneous items. Or, perhaps you use your garage as a workshop. In that case, you may have a workbench, table saw, a wall of tools and some rolling cabinets. You may think of a garage as just a place to work or store things. But, have you ever seen a cool garage in a movie and wanted one just like it? Take a look at some memorable garages from a few popular films.

The Bat Cave/Garage in the movie Batman

If Bruce Wayne/Batman ever had any old books, used clothing or even a new waffle iron still in its original box, he would have plenty of space to store it. Batman's bat cave/garage holds a bank of computers, monitors and even a moving platform designed especially for the bat mobile. This superhero has an elaborate workshop in his garage where he comes up with the latest tool or weapon that is sure to come in handy when fighting villains in Gotham city. If you had Batman's bat cave/garage, you may never want to go back into the house again. But, could you ever get used to the live bats hanging from the ceiling?

Doc Emmet Brown's Garage

Does the name Doc Brown sound familiar? It probably does if you saw the movie, Back to the Future. Doc Brown conducted all of his experiments in his garage including his work on a car that travels through time. If you like to tinker with cars, machines or appliances, you probably dreamed of trying all of the clever mechanical inventions in Doc's garage. The main character in the movie, Marty McFly, visited Doc's garage in the first scene to play a few notes on his electric guitar. He discovered the hard way that Doc had tweaked the speaker system just a little bit. I liked the invention that Doc created to feed his dog, Einstein. Just goes to show that inspiration and creativity can happen in all sorts of places.

The Garage in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

If you're into movies made in the 1980s, there is a good chance you saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Ferris is a teenager who decides to make the most of a beautiful spring day by skipping school. He invites some friends along for the ride. His best friend, Cameron Frye, has a garage with glass walls that looks like it's perched in the tree tops of the surrounding woods. This is the home of the red Ferrari that the kids take for the day. This garage is not just a structure that protects vehicles from the elements. It's really a showroom for the fancy cars belonging to Cameron's father. It's the perfect place to display a classic sports car as long you never mistakenly put the car into reverse instead of first gear!

I hope that thinking about these garages inspires you to new and imaginative changes in your own garage. Thanks for reading!  - Alan

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