California Carport and Metal Garage Prices

The steel carports are delivered and installation to all of California.

The carport prices in CA are subject to change without notice.

Click Here for a PDF of the Californa Carport Prices


Click Here for a PDF Price List of the Steel Carports and Metal Buildings in CA

The carport and steel building manufacturer California All Steel Carports Inc that services CA charges a 2.5% credit card convenience fee on the balance due if it is paid with a credit card.  The balance due after installation is paid directly to the factory which is in this case is California All Steel Carports Inc.  There is no fee if the balance is paid with a money order or cashier check.  There is no fee on the initial deposit upon ordering which is paid to Alan's Factory Outlet for either credit card or check.

We recommend adding additional anchors depending on the type of foundation the carport or metal garage is going.  The concrete anchors are recommended if is going to be anchored to a concrete slab.  If it is going on the ground we recommend mobile home anchors and if it is going on the asphalt we recommend asphalt anchors.  

A common question is how tall is the peak height.  We will cover that next.

Here are the clearance heights for the California carports.

Metal-Carport-Height-Clearance-CA-OR-NV-Alans-Factory-OutletThe location you want the carport needs to be level or we are unable to install the carport, rv carport or metal building.

The carports in California come in 3 different roof styles.


Alan's Factory Outlet carports are delivered to the whole state of California.  

Please feel free to Call Alan's Factory Outlet at 1-800-488-6903 to make sure we service your location or if you are ready to order.  Or if you prefer you can always email us on the contact form on the website.

The carport kits and metal garage kits are custom built in your choice of 12 different colors.

*The colors may vary


The customer is responsible to check and see what permits are required and the customer is responsible for getting any and all permits that may be needed for their location.

Estimated Delivery times for the Carports & Metal Garages:
7 days to 30 days:  25%
30 days to 60 days:  60%
60 days to 90 days:  15%
90 days or more:  less than 1%
So 85% of the time your carport or metal garage will be delivered within 60 days or less.
If your carport or metal garage goes over 90 days we will either offer upon your request a 10% discount off of the balance due once it is installed for the inconvenience or provide a full refund of your deposit if you wish to cancel.
*Please keep in mind if you are located in an area that gets snow during the winter months there would be a greater chance of it going over 90 days in those locations.