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Horse Barns

Amish Prefab Modular Horse Barns and Run in Sheds are available with or without stain in Virginia and West Virginia. The horse barn comes with Heavy Duty Corner Tow Hooks. Feed and tack rooms can be added to the horse barns.

Small horse barns and large ones are delivered with a truck and trailer. Make sure your fence is 2' wider than the width of the barn.

Horse Stalls come standard with an insulated metal roof or if you prefer you can get architectural shingles with a 1/2" of real plywood under the shingles.

They are built with 1" Thick Eastern White Pine Board Batten Siding. The interior has a 4' high Oak kickboard.

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Stalls come standard with Metal Chew Guard on the top of the Oak kickboards. The small horse barns as well as the larger ones are built with heavy-duty oak framing.

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3 stall horse barn for sale

On a two, three and four stall horse barn you get your choice of a metal grill or a solid wall between each stall.

                    Prefab Horse Barn Options

  • Come in many different sizes 1-Stall, 2-Stall, 3-Stall and 4-Stall
  • You can add a Tack Room onto any of the Stalls of our prefabricated barns
  • Optional Tack Room comes with 3' Entry Door, 2' access Door to Stall, 1-Window, 2x8 Tongue and Groove Plank Floor with Pressure Treated 4"x6" Floor Joists
  • A Run in Shed can also be added
  • Help keep your Horse cool with Wooden Gable Vents or a Ridge Vent

We have horse shelters in various sizes to suit the needs of our customers!

Metal Roof and Stain Color Options.

Amish Built 2 Story Horse Buildings are also available in a variety of sizes of Horse Stalls, Run in Sheds and Tack Rooms. The two story horse barn has a full second level with 8' at the peak upstairs. Each stall barn on a 2 story has a ladder with a trap door to access the 2nd level. The height at its peak is approximately 17'.

Metal Carports and Metal Barn Lean-To can also be used as a Horse Shelter.                                    

2 story horse barnsFree delivery on the horse buildings to 30 local counties in Virginia including the Counties of Arlington County Virginia, Augusta, Caroline, Clarke, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fauquier, Frederick, Greene, King George, Loudoun, Madison, Orange, Page, Prince William, Rappahannock, Rockingham, Shenandoah, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Warren County in Virginia.

The Amish horse stall barn is also delivered for free to these towns in VA, Staunton VA, Bowling Green, Berryville, Warrenton, Winchester, Standardsville, Lessburg, Luray, Manassas, Harrisonburg, Woodstock, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Waynesboro & Front Royal VA.

The modular horse barn can be delivered in all of Virginia and West Virginia.

Our horse barns are popular with horse owners throughout Virginia and elsewhere! One of the biggest reasons why our prefab barns are so popular is their durability. The Amish horse barn is notable for their sturdy designs and careful construction. Most horse owners are looking for a safe, reliable shelter for their animals and that’s why many of them look to our quality selection of modular barns or metal horse barn. Our customers and their horses deserve the best!

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Another reason that our inventory of prefab barns is so popular is the variety. Horse owners who visit Alan’s Factory Outlet want to find a selection of horse barns or horse sheds that fit their needs perfectly. For instance, we offer small horse barns for people who own just a couple of horses or ponies. Alternatively, we have prefabricated barns with up to four stalls for people who own several horses. In addition to a variety of sizes, we offer prefabricated barns with add-ons. For instance, we can add-on a tack room for horse owners with lots of grooming tools, saddles, bridles, and other horse-related equipment. A run-in shed is also an option for some of our prefab barns. In short, with our selection of horse barns, a horse owner can put together an order that fulfills all of his or her needs.

amish horse barnsMany people admire our inventory of modular barns because our designs are horse-friendly. For example, our stall design includes a chew guard to protect a horse’s mouth and keep the walls of the stall in good condition. Also, our prefab horse barns have insulated roofs to keep the horses comfortable during the colder months. The stalls of our modular barns are roomy enough for a horse to be comfortable in. In short, we consider the well-being of the horses that will live in our prefab horse barns. That is something that horse owners truly appreciate.

Our prefabricated barns are attractive items on an owner’s property. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we don’t just carry horse barns with one design. We have modular horse barns that are a combination of stalls and a tack room. In addition, we offer Amish horse barns that have a tack room and stalls as well as a run in shed. Some of our Amish horse barns are two stories tall! These prefab horse barns add interest to an area of land. Also, people who purchase our prefab horse barns have the option of applying stain to the structure. This gives horse owners yet another choice regarding the appearance of their barn. In addition, customers who select one of our modular horse barns with a metal roof have a choice of colors for the roof. A horse owner can certainly be creative when shopping our selection of modular horse barns.

Our popular inventory includes metal horse barns for owners who prefer that type of material. Also, horse sheds fit the space requirements for many horses. Whether customers are considering our metal horse barns, horse sheds or another design, they will receive a well-built structure that satisfies the housing needs of their horses.

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