Metal Barn Lean To Prices

Free delivery and setup on all sizes and styles of metal lean to barn buildings to Alabama AL, Arkansas AR, Georgia GA, Illinois IL, Kansas KS, Kentucky KY, Louisiana LA, Mississippi MS, Missouri MO, North Carolina NC, Oklahoma OK, South Carolina SC, Tennessee TN, Texas TX, Virginia VA and West Virginia WV.

*Prices subject to change without notice

Metal Barn Lean to Prices
Horse Barn Carolina Barn Seneca Barn
36x21 $3140 36x21 $3590 36x21 $3740
36x26 $3750 36x26 $4370 36x26 $4670
36x31 $4475 36x31 $5085 36x31 $5625
36x36 $5085 36x36 $5865 36x36 $6455
36x41 N/A 36x41 N/A 36x41 $7410
42x21 $3240 42x21 $3690 42x21 $3840
42x26 $3850 42x26 $4470 42x26 $4770
42x31 $4575 42x31 $5285 42x31 $5725
42x36 $5185 42x36 $6065 42x36 $6555
42x41 N/A 42x41 N/A 42x41 $7610
44x21 $3440 44x21 $3890 44x21 $4040
44x26 $4050 44x26 $4670 44x26 $4970
44x31 $4875 44x31 $5485 44x31 $5925
44x36 $5585 44x36 $6365 44x36 $6855
44x41 N/A 44x41 N/A 44x41 $7810
46x21 $3640 46x21 $4090 46x21 $4340
46x26 $4350 46x26 $4970 46x26 $5270
46x31 $5175 46x31 $5785 46x31 $6325
46x36 $5885 46x36 $6665 46x36 $7255
46x41 N/A 46x41 N/A 46x41 $8410
48x21 $3740 48x21 $4290 48x21 $4440
48x26 $4450 48x26 $5270 48x26 $5370
48x31 $5375 48x31 $6085 48x31 $6525
48x36 $6085 48x36 $7065 48x36 $7455
48x41 N/A 48x41 N/A 48x41 $8610
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If you are shopping for a lean to carport or a lean to metal shed, Alan's Factory Outlet offers three different styles; Horse, Carolina, and Seneca. Each of our metal barns and lean to carports are constructed to be long-lasting. For those who want a durable carport or barn, metal or steel is the best choice. Our carport and metal barn prices are exceptionally affordable, and with prices available in all ranges.

Our lean to metal barns give our customers the best options without charging unnecessary extra costs because the steel barn prices include delivery and installation. Along with the metal lean to carports we offer Amish built sheds, carports, garages, and other portable storage buildings.

Here is a PDF of the lean to carport prices for AL, AR, GA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA and WV

Enter your zip code to find out if it is free delivery and installation to your location on the lean to metal carports.

Metal Barn Building and Lean To Carports Colors


Metal Barn Building and Lean To Carports Colors

We understand the need to customize your new barn, metal building, or lean to carport. All of our available colors look clean and attractive on any lean to metal shed or lean to carport. We understand you may have set a budget before you started shopping for a barn. Metal barn prices or steel barn prices, shown in the image, include color choices. Rest assured, we do not charge extra for customized colors. If you are not sure what metal colors would look great together on your steel barn or carport, or you have any questions about the colors we offer, please contact Alan's Factory Outlet. We would love to help you out with all of your steel barn needs.

If you need more space for your personal belongings or business supplies, but don't want the extra expense of renting an offsite storage building, we have your solution! Our other storage alternatives to metal barns are also customizable. Be sure to check out all of our lean to carports and other buildings.Metal Lean To Color Chart