Metal Garages Prices in Florida

Alan's Factory Outlet offers free delivery and setup in Florida. This is included on the metal garage prices. All of the Florida metals garages are certified, which means they are rated for 150 MPH wind. Prefab garages in Florida, will cover the need for extra storage.  4' Braces must be added to any of the metal garages 8' and taller for it to be certified for 150 mph.

Click here for a PDF of the metal garage prices in FL

Florida Metal Garage Prices
Regular Roof Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
12x21 $3060 12x21 $3285 12x21 $3585
12x26 $3505 12x26 $3750 12x26 $4150
12x31 $3960 12x31 $4230 12x31 $4730
12x36 $4305 12x36 $4595 12x36 $5195
12x41 N/A 12x41 N/A 12x41 $5675
18x21 $3410 18x21 $3645 18x21 $3945
18x26 $3955 18x26 $4210 18x26 $4610
18x31 $4310 18x31 $4690 18x31 $5090
18x36 $4655 18x36 $5055 18x36 $5555
18x41 N/A 18x41 N/A 18x41 $6135
20x21 $4260 20x21 $4505 20x21 $4805
20x26 $4705 20x26 $4970 20x26 $5370
20x31 $5160 20x31 $5450 20x31 $5950
20x36 $5605 20x36 $5915 20x36 $6515
20x41 N/A 20x41 N/A 20x41 $7095
22x21 $5110 22x21 $5365 22x21 $5665
22x26 $5655 22x26 $5930 22x26 $6330
22x31 $6110 22x31 $6410 22x31 $6910
22x36 $6555 22x36 $6975 22x36 $7475
22x41 N/A 22x41 N/A 22x41 $8155
24x21 $5560 24x21 $5825 24x21 $6125
24x26 $6105 24x26 $6390 24x26 $6790
24x31 $6660 24x31 $6970 24x31 $7370
24x36 $7205 24x36 $7535 24x36 $8135
24x41 N/A 24x41 N/A 24x41 $8815
Download PDF

PDF of the metal building prices in Florida

Metal garages Florida are available in three roof styles; regular, boxed eve and vertical. Frame is 1 ft. shorter than roof lengthwise. Available in size ranges from 12' x 21' to 24 x 41.'

Options for metal garages Florida include:

    Garage doors - Affordable price range from $450.00 to $800.00
    Walk in doors - Available in 32" x 72" - $175.00, or 36" x 80" - $200.00
    Window - 30" x 30" - $150.00
    Garage doors installed on the side - Building must be 2' taller than garage door when installed on side - $100.00 per frame

Also available for metal sheds in Florida:

    12 GA 2 1/4" framing 20 year limited rust through warranty
    Certified buildings 180 mph
    Certified buildings 26' to 40' wide.

Regular Roof Style

    Standard height 8' legs
    Affordable price ranges from to $2970 to $7550

Boxed Eave Roof Style

    Standard height 9' legs
    Affordable price ranges from to $3195 to $8005

Vertical Roof Style

    Standard height 9' legs
    Affordable price ranges from to $3495 to $8605

Land/Cement Must Be Level

Concrete pad in FL for a 12x21 steel garage would need to be 12x20 which is the exact outside base dimension since there is a 6" overhang on the front and back ends.

Please make sure to check with your local county code to find out what they require for your location.

    Cement must be level and square corner to corner.
    Return to trip fees will be applied if building is not installed.

Waiver Policy

    Alan's Factory Outlet recommends all buildings over 36' long to be a vertical roof style.
    Customer must sign waiver on regular or boxed eave style longer than 36' due to potential issues at seams.
    Not responsible for leaks under base rales.

Florida Metal Garage Colors

Available Metal Garage Colors

*Actual colors may vary slightly.

Alan's Factory Outlet offers a variety of color choices, because we understand your need to customize your new metal garage. All of our available colors look clean and attractive on any prefab garages in Florida.

metal garage colors florida